Jobs in Japan for foreigners with visa sponsorship

Apply for visa sponsorship jobs in Japan if you want to work in Japan but are concerned about obtaining a work visa. Less competition, a simple visa process, direct visa sponsorship, and generous compensation packages are all pluses for international workers. Japan is home to some of the world’s most well-known corporations, including Toyota, Suzuki, Hitachi, Sony, and Panasonic. In terms of global revenue, Toyota ranks thirteenth.

Anyone, including citizens of the United States, is welcome to apply for positions in Japan that provide visa sponsorship. Companies in Japan provide competitive salaries. Include retirement plans, health insurance, paid time off, recreational opportunities, and sponsorship for obtaining a work visa. So, in this article, I’ll explain how to go about looking for work in Japan and getting a company to sponsor your visa.

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A brief overview of jobs in Japan with visa sponsorship

To get a job in Japan as a foreigner with visa sponsorship, you need to know some details:

  • Location: Japan
  • Type of job: Permanent/Temporary
  • Visa Type: Work visa
  • Eligible Applicants: Anyone

We’ll break this content down into two sections:

  • Positions in prestigious Japanese companies.
  • Employment opportunities in Japanese corporations, educational institutions, and software and small businesses that sponsor work visas.

Japan Company Sponsorship Visa List

The following are examples of well-known, big Japanese corporations that recruit internationally and provide visa sponsorship:

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The advantages for foreigners working in Japan with a visa sponsorship

Companies with a strong reputation in Japan provide their workers with various benefits and rewards.

Sony Group:

  • A healthy work-life balance includes a competitive salary, health insurance, and financial security.
  • Programs on a national level have a hefty 401(k) option.
  • Retirement savings of 3% each year.
  • Deals on some great Sony items.


  • Generous Salary Package
  • Comprehensive Medical Plan Options, including dental, vision, prescription drug coverage, and more.
  • Retirement Plans to help secure your financial future.
  • Perks and Discounts for programs that support both you and your family.

Mitsibushi Cooperation:

  • Plans for healthcare
  • Paid Holidays
  • Vacation Leaves
  • 401(k) Retirement Plans
  • Life insurance for employees
  • Dependent life insurance –Life insurance coverage for your children.
  • Disability for a short time
  • Long-Term Disability
  • Travel Accident Insurance
  • Ongoing pay
  • Sick/personal
  • Floater trips
  • The holidays
  • Medical leave for family
  • A time off for yourself
  • Honeymoon time


  • Insurance for employees’ pensions
  • Safety and health coverage in the Workplace
  • Annual paid vacation time
  • Grief leaves
  • Pay for moving
  • Retirement pay system
  • Help for people in need (Relo Club)
  • Services for health advice
  • Help with moving and getting a visa.
  • Discounts for employees (on moving, language classes, etc.)

Jobs in Japan with visa sponsorship

In Japan, the lowest starting salary is between 250,000 and 400,000 yen a month in a small firm, and some companies even provide housing.

Jobs in Japan that may sponsor your Visa are many, and they are not limited to large corporations.  I’ll tell you where you can find it.

Website for Jobs in Japan

There are a lot of Visa Offered Jobs posted by different Japanese schools, businesses, and companies on this website.

They have a starting salary of 250000. Some companies also offer free lodging.

  • Go to the Jobs in Japan website.
  • Click “Visa Offered.”
  • It will show all jobs in Japan that will pay for your Visa.

Tech Jobs

If you have a background in technology and want to work for a Japanese tech business, there are between 180 and 200 tech jobs in Japan that will support your visa and help you move.

How to apply for the Japanese Work Visa

After receiving a job offer in Japan, you may apply for a work visa.

There are a variety of work visas available from the Japanese government. The nature of your profession and circumstances will determine the visa you need.

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