jobs in Paris for Indians

Paris is one of the world’s most beautiful and romantic cities. Many people want to go to and work in the French city, which is known for outstanding cuisine, wonderful shopping, infinite parks and gardens, and a general joie de vivre. Working in Paris not only gives you access to the city, but it also gives you access to the RER, which can whisk you away to many of France’s charming villages, and the Eurostar, which can sweep you away to London quickly and affordably.

According to the most recent census, the Paris metropolitan area employs almost 6 million people, many of whom are international employees working for multinational corporations established in the city. Working for a non-French company in Paris can be the greatest method for a non-Parisian to find work in the city.

If you are Indian and finding a job in Paris, follow these simple measures-

1. Learn French

At the very least, some French. While it is possible to live and work in many European cities without knowing the native language, this is not the case in Paris. Companies in France prefer people who have a strong command of the language and getting a job in a pub without knowing French can be difficult.

Make your résumé or CV conform to local norms.

The word résumé generally translates to “summary” in English. CVs and résumés have become essentially interchangeable in many parts of the world, with neither the short-form resume nor the long-form curriculum vitae being limited in length; either can be 1, 5, 10, or as many pages you require.

Keep your field in mind.
While Paris is home to a diverse range of sectors, some are notably more prevalent than others. It’s not impossible to obtain work outside of Paris’s major industries, but it’s far more challenging.

If you’re looking for work in Paris, specialists in the following fields will most likely find openings:

  • Investing
  • Insurance is a type of protection.
  • Automobiles
  • Drugstores/Food Stores
  • Fashion/cosmetics/luxury items
  • Telecommunications and information technology
  • the media
  • a source of entertainment

Begin your search on the internet.

It may be difficult to find work in Paris, but looking for job openings online is not. While the larger job sites like LinkedIn, Monster, and Indeed have a lot of listings, these smaller, Paris-focused sites are also terrific places to start.

  • Emplois-Verts – for green jobs and jobs in the environmental sector
  • L’Etudiant – for placing students and recent graduates in jobs and internships

Here are a few of the main job portals to get you going:


Working with a professional recruiter can be quite beneficial in your job hunt because getting a job in Paris might be challenging. There are several agencies to pick from throughout the city, however, the following are some of the most well-reviewed on the internet:

  • Adecco – for jobs in a variety of areas
  • Ples Convergence – for careers in telecommunications, information technology, and media
  • Job Transport – for jobs in transportation
  • Modelor – if you’re looking for work in the fashion and luxury goods industry