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Arab charter on human rights ( English ) 

Rights in exile programme on Jordan ( All Languages in Google Translate )
List of organisations working on migration laws in different countries. Most of these organisations work for free for refugees and migrants

The Jordan INGO forum (JIF) (English)
Group of international organisations working with refugees living in Jordan.

Services advisor (English) (Arabic)
Maps of services provided by organisations in Jordan. 

Jordan links, healthcare, health insurance, doctors, clinics, mental health, public health, hygiene

International NGO providing high quality medical care services to disadvantaged individuals, along with spreading awareness on diseases and leading a healthy life style.


The Society carries out relief, medical and educational programs. (Arabic)


International NGO providing medical assistance (Emergency, Health support, …)


Healthcare development


IOM MHD assists refugee resettlement from Jordan through the provision of quality assured migration health assessments (HA) and travel health assistance.

Jordan links, emergency, police, free food, homeless shelter, help support hotlines

Helping Refugees in Jordan

Group of over 100 dedicated and experienced volunteers based in Jordan who are helping recognised local charities and NGOs deal with the large influx of refugees arriving in Jordan. Donations are received, sorted and transported to distribution centres. (an affiliate of Mercy Corps)


International Catholic Migration Commission

Cash Assistance within the 3RP program (EN) NO FACEBOOK MESSAGES

Jordan links, women, men, LGBTQ+, elderly, disability, minorities, diasporas

Rainbow Street

Rainbow Street is a Jordanian-American organisation providing information and direct aid to LGBTQ+ individuals across the Middle East and North Africa. (fB) NO FACEBOOK MESSAGES 

Jordan links, employment, jobs, work permits, cash transfer

In the Jordanian Constitution, the full right to work is reserved only for Jordanian citizens and imposes tight restrictions on access to work and work opportunities for all foreigners, including refugees.

As we have already underlined Jordan has not signed the 1951 Refugee Convention and has not a exhaustive refugee legislation. Jordan has agreed to a Memorandum of Understanding with UNHCR in 1998 which is used as legal guideline when supporting refugees. 

Additionally, Jordanian labor law does not contain any explicit references to guaranteed protections for refugees, referring to Syrian refugees as “visitors” or “guests,” titles that have no meaning under domestic law.

The Jordan Compact, drafted on February 4, 2016, at a London donor conference, is a recent indicator of Jordan’s commitment to expanding employment opportunities for refugees. It promises the issuance of work permits to 200,000 Syrian refugees and opens the labor market to foreign workers, focusing on development rather than limiting itself to a discussion of borders. Specifically, the Jordan Compact aspires to benefit Syrian refugees, Jordan, and the EU by turning the Syrian refugee crisis into a development opportunity. Jordan, however, still lacks formal legislation protecting refugees’ right to work.

ILO, International Labour Organisation Arab States

The International Labour Organization is an agency of the United Nations. It is works together with governments, unions, employers and worker representatives to elaborate labour standards and policies and promote decent work in different parts of the world.

The ILO Regional Office for Arab States covers Bahrain, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, the occupied Palestinian territory, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, the UAE and Yemen. Two area offices are located in Kuwait and Jerusalem.

Work Permits and Employment of Syrian Refugees in Jordan: Towards Formalising the Work of Syrian Refugees (English/Arabic) (fB)–en/index.htm (English)–ar/index.htm (Arabic)

Supporting the strategic objectives of the London Syria Conference 2016 (Oct 2016):–en/index.htm (English)–ar/index.htm (Arabic)

Jordan issues first-of-their-kind work permits to Syria refugees in the Arab region (Aug 2017):–en/index.htm (English)–ar/index.htm (Arabic)

Some news from UNHRC (October 2017) (English) (French) (Arabic)

Work Permits for Syrian Refugees in the Urban Environment in Jordan FAQs

FAQs documents about requirements for Urban Work Permit in Jordan  (EN) (AR)

Work Permits for Syrian Refugees Returns in Jordan FAQs

FAQs documents about requirements for Returns Work Permit in Jordan  (EN) (AR)

Work Permits in Zaatari  and Azraq Camp

FAQs documents about requirements for Work Permit in Zaatari and Azraq Camps Jordan  (EN)

Walk the Talk Livelihoods (Work Permit)

What has been committed and what is recommended  (EN) (AR)

The work permit maze

Infographic to show the steps to get a work permit in Jordan (EN)

Families Development Association (FDA)

Provides vocational training on domestic work to women. Preparing women to participate in the workforce whilst educating them on their rights and empowering them (AR) (fB)

Jordanian Women’s Union (JWU)

Runs a shelter for abused women, including migrant workers. Amongst legal aid and psychosocial counselling, they are offered the opportunity to earn a living through a catering business run by the union. The organisation also provides workers’ repatriation fees with external funds when available. (AR) (EN)


(the Jordan Micro Credit Company) provides women entrepreneurs access to finance, an essential element in starting and improving businesses and building a future for their families and communities (AR) (EN) (FB) 

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Walk the Talk Education

What has been committed and what is recommended English Arabic


The Society carries out relief, medical and educational programs. (Arabic)


Kiron enables access to higher education and successful learning for refugees through digital solutions. is an online learning platform offering free access to learning materials, from Kindergarten to the 12th grade. (fB) 

What are the work permit requirements for Syrian refugees in Jordan?

Employers wanting to hire Syrian refugees can apply for an annual work permit free of charge at their local Labour Directorate until 5 July 2016. No associated fees shall be paid by the refugee. Minimum age to work and obtain a work permit is 18.

Required documents from the worker:

  1. Valid Ministry of Interior (MoI) service card
  2. Certificate of Good Health – only required if the MoI service card is older than one year at the date of application

Required documents from the employer:

  1. Certificate of incorporation
  2. Occupational licensure certificate
  3. A statement from Social Security confirming registration
  4. Work contract

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Amman is currently experiencing another influx of refugees due to multiple, ongoing conflicts in the region. These latest refugee groups include not only Syrians and Iraqis but also Somalis, Eritreans, and Sudanese.

Services Guide

Services Guide in Amman by UN (Arabic)

Charitable Organizations in Amman

Facebook Page for Charitable Organizations in Amman


Collateral Repair Project is a grassroots effort to bring much-needed assistance to refugees and other victims of war and conflict. (food monthly voucher, youth, women, community center)

REWELL SOCIETY (pending checking with refugees)

Arranging through cooperation with donors vocational training and also arranging micro financing for small projects in Jordan and Palestine. More recently, the charity, which recently reformulated its core strategy, has restructured.


Caritas Jordan works with individuals, families and communities, to help them meet their needs by addressing their concerns and life challenges (food and non food items, health and educational services).


JHCO specializes and humanitarian assistance and is the official mandate assigned by the Jordanian Government to work with local communities and extend its efforts to offer regional and international aid. (Arabic) (English)


The Society carries out relief, medical and educational programs. (Arabic)

12b. Karak

Websites or documents about this city .

Services Guide

Services Guide in Karak by UN (Arabic)

Ministry of Interior (English) (Arabic)
Jordanian ministry of interior


Jordan links, unaccompanied minors, young people, children

Jordan River Foundation (JRF)

Launched in 1997, the Jordan River Child Safety Program (JRCSP) is the result of Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah’s relentless efforts to place the welfare of children at the forefront of national policy agendas. (AR) (EN) fB)