list of hospitals in australia

List of hospitals in Australia

The health care system in Australia known to be one of the best in the world. Citizens of Australia have access to free basic health services. Other health care services are also very much affordable and safe as well. The health care in Australia run by the federal government of Australia, state, and local. Australia has many world class hospitals and medical schools as well. Australia has an extensive selection of doctors and hospitals in various fields. Many students and medical professionals came here to study and pursue their careers. Australia has some of the hospitals which are very well reputed internationally. Australia has many foundations and organizations aiming to research in the medical field. Australia has come up with many innovations which resulted to be much effective in treating patients.

Australia has a lot of private hospitals in the country out of which some operated by private companies. Here we present the list of some of the best hospitals in Australia. Foreign expatriates also need to opt for private hospitals. As they do not have access to the Medicare services which are available free or at the subsidized cost.

List of hospitals in Australia

Royal Melbourne Hospital

The Royal Melbourne Hospital is the best hospital in Australia. Royal Melbourne is also one of the oldest hospitals in the country. The hospital is in service for more than 172 years now. It is also one of the leading teaching hospitals in the country. The hospital has more than 18,000 international students. It is very well-reputed for its clinical research and tertiary health care services. They have excellent emergency room facilities in the region. The Royal Melbourne Hospital is also the largest to cure cancer patients in the country. It provides treatment to more than 35,000 patients on an annual basis.

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300 Grattan St, Parkville VIC 3050

+61 3 9342 7000

Royal Children’s Hospital

The Royal Children’s Hospital is the best hospital for the children’s care in the country. It is the 53rd ranked hospital globally. The hospital is famous for the best pediatric care for the kids in the country. The hospital provides most of the medical services to their patients. Apart from that, the hospital has the designated pediatric trauma center in the state. The hospital has a very good location as it surrounds by the trees and parkland of Royal Park. The hospital is also the center for the nationally funded heart and liver transplant.

50 Flemington Rd, Parkville VIC 3052

+61 3 9345 5522

Royal Adelaide Hospital

The Royal Adelaide Hospital (RAH) is the largest hospital in Australia. RAH is a public hospital located in Adelaide and operated by the government itself. This hospital is a part of the Public Health care system of Australia. The Royal Adelaide Hospital established in 1840. In 2017 the hospital got replaced by the most expensive building in Australia. The building overall costs around $2.3 Billion. It has a capacity of around 800 beds for treating the patients. The hospital has many specialized doctors and medical staff in various departments.

Port Rd, Adelaide SA 5000, Australia

Mon – Fri: 9 AM – 4 PM (Emergency department: Open 24 hours)

+61 8 7074 0000

Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre

The Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre is the leading cancer research and care center. Established in 1949, the main aim of the hospitals is to research new methods to cure cancer patients. Over 2,500 medicare workers employed to provide treatment. The center has more than 16 different departments for research purposes. They have around 500 employees researching in the different departments. Peter Mac also provides a variety of medicare services for the cancer patients. In addition to this, the hospital also provides some of the unique treatments. It includes robotic assisted surgeries and treatment to apheresis as well. It also ranks in the top 30 cancer treatment hospitals in the World.

305 Grattan St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

Mon-Fri: 8:30 AM to 6 PM, Sat-Sun Closed


Delmont Private Hospital

The Delmont Hospital is a private hospital located in Victoria, Australia. This is one of the leading hospitals in the Mental Health services in the country. The hospital has its specialization in the general psychiatry department. Along with general psychiatry, they also provide different types of programs. They provide fitness programs, art therapy, different exercises, and educational sessions.

300 Warrigal Road, Glen Iris VIC 314

+61 3 9805 7333

Royal Prince Alfred Hospital

The Royal Prince Alfred Hospital (RPA) is a public hospital in Sydney, Australia. It is one of the major teaching hospitals in Sydney. The RPA is a part of the network of different hospitals in the Sydney Local Health District. The Royal Prince Alfred Hospital has more than 900 beds and is the largest hospital in Sydney. The hospital is worldwide famous for its healthcare excellence and innovative techniques. It has several innovations in the medical world to treat patients better.

50 Missenden Rd, Camperdown NSW 2050, Australia

Open 24 hours

+61 2 9515 6111

Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital (SCGH)


Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital established in 1958. Located in Western Australia, it is one of the best health care services provider in the country. SCGH provides a range of health care services including different departments. They provide services like trauma, orthopedics, surgery, cardiac care, and many other services. It is also the largest cancer treatment center in the state. The hospital also has facilities for neurosurgery and liver transplants. As its the only place in the city for these facilities. The hospital has more than 600 beds to treat the patients. SCGH is internationally well reputed for some of its groundbreaking medical researches. This hospital is also home to Dr. Professor Barry Marshall. He won the Nobel prize for Medicine in 2005.

Hospital Ave, Nedlands WA 6009, Australia

Open 24 hours

+61 8 6457 3333

Auburn Hospital

Auburn Hospital is one of the best hospitals in Australia. Located in Auburn Western part of Sydney consists of more than 155 rooms with beds. The hospital provides many health facilities like surgical, maternity, and other medical facilities. This is one of the hospitals which are having the best emergency services in the country. They have a treatment average of four hours for emergency patients. Both the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and the Coronary Care facilities are available.

Hargrave Rd., Auburn, NSW 2144

+61 2 8759 3000

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