List of hospitals in Mexico

Some of the list of hospitals in Mexico are Hospital de Alta Especialidad “Ciudad Salud,” XXI Century National Medical Center, and Saint Luke’s Hospitals, San José del Cabo.

In general, Mexico’s healthcare system meets high standards and works well. Health care is cheap, and hospitals and offices in big towns are excellent. This is where a lot of Mexican doctors go to school or get extra training: the US or Europe. In turn, this means that a lot of doctors speak perfect English. Surprisingly, a lot of them still do house calls, which is not common in modern medicine. Still, a lot of people can’t afford even the most basic care. Let’s see below the list of hospitals in Mexico.

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How to Choose a Hospital in Mexico

When choosing a hospital in Mexico, there are several factors to consider.


Research the reputation of the hospitals in Mexico. Check out their website for information about their medical staff, facilities, and services.


Look for hospitals accredited by nationally recognized organizations such as the Joint Commission International

Facilities and Services

Please take a look at the facilities and services offered by the hospital.

Medical Staff

Find good hospitals with skilled doctors and nurses.

Fees and treatments

Consider the hospital’s pricing and treatment options.

Mexico’s healthcare system

In Mexico, health care is given by state hospitals and clinics run by the government, private hospitals and clinics, and private doctors. A unique mix of coverage is what makes it unique, and it mostly depends on people’s job situation. The Mexican law says that every person has the right to free medical care and drugs. The “Institute of Health for Well-being,” or INSABI, makes this a reality.

In Mexico, there is a three-tier system for health care:

IMSS: The IMSS serves private and public sector workers in Mexico.

Seguro Popular: The Seguro Popular covers individuals who cannot afford the IMSS tier or have pre-existing ailments.

Private Insurance: Many choose private treatment for its comfort and privacy. Compared to the public system, it’s pricey.

Best hospitals in Mexico

Some of the best hospitals in Mexico are listed below. You can find their location and phone number by clicking on the hospital’s name.

Public hospitals

Hospital de Alta Especialidad “Ciudad Salud”

XXI Century National Medical Center

Hospital Central Militar Mexico

Hospital Municipal San Pedro Limón

Hospital José María Coss Bicenterario

Hospital General Saltillo

Hospital Juan Aldama Bicentenario

General Hospital of Mexico Dr. Eduardo Liceaga

Private Hospitals

Saint Luke’s Hospitals, San José del Cabo

Sanatorio San Francisco De Tijuana

Saint Luke’s Hospitals, La Misión

San Javier Guadalajara Hospital

Mediland Private Clinic

Hospital Español

Hospital San Rafael

Hospital Reforma

Hospital Galenia

Hospital MAC CDMX

Hospital San Miguel Country

Hospital Ángel del Mar

How to find the closest hospital in Mexico

They’re everywhere. In Mexico, there are 3,400 public and private hospitals. Where you are staying does not matter. If you call 911 emergency services anywhere in Mexico, they immediately direct an ambulance and take you to the nearest state hospital.

If you are a traveler, you need to check the terms of your travel insurance to ensure they’ll support your choices. An easy tool for doing that is any map app. Below is, for example, a Google Maps search for ‘Hospital near Mexico City.’

Source: Hospitals in Mexico on Google Maps.

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