List of hospitals in South Africa

Some of the hospitals in South Africa are Cecilia Makiwane Hospital, Life Healthcare, and Cintocare.

Health care in South Africa is the best in all of Africa. For expats with private health insurance, the level of care will be the same as in their home country. There are more than 600 private hospitals in the country.

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How to Choose a Hospital in South Africa

When choosing a hospital in South Africa, there are several factors to consider.


Research the reputation of the hospitals in South Africa. Check out their website for information about their medical staff, facilities, and services.


Look for hospitals accredited by nationally recognized organizations such as the Council for Health Service accreditation of South Africa.

Facilities and Services

Please take a look at the facilities and services offered by the hospital.

Medical Staff

Find good hospitals with skilled doctors and nurses.

Fees and treatments

Consider the hospital’s pricing and treatment options.

South African healthcare system

In South Africa, there are two types of healthcare systems:

  • A significant state sector that is funded and;
  • A small but outstanding private sector.

In most of the country, there is a big difference between public and private healthcare centers. This is because the private sector gets a lot of money, and the best doctors work there. This means that low-income people can get healthcare for less money through the public system, but expats should still get a private plan.

Both state and private health care services work in South Africa at the same time. The public system serves a massive chunk of the people. The National Department of Health, state health departments, and local health departments are all in charge of different areas and work together to provide services.

Best hospitals in South Africa

Some of the best hospitals in South Africa are listed below. You can find their location and phone number by clicking on the hospital’s name.

Public hospitals

Cecilia Makiwane Hospital

Duncan Village Day Hospital

Tshwane District Hospital

Helen Joseph Hospital

Bertha Gxowa Hospital

Pholosong Hospital

Private Hospitals

Mediclinic Kloof Hospital

Life Healthcare

Netcare Pretoria 


Life Faerie Glen Hospital

Life Flora Hospital

How to find the closest hospital in South Africa

They’re everywhere. In South Africa, there are 600 public and private hospitals. Where you are staying does not matter. If you call 112 emergency services anywhere in South Africa, they immediately direct an ambulance and take you to the nearest state hospital.

If you are a traveler, you need to check the terms of your travel insurance to ensure they’ll support your choices. An easy tool for doing that is any map app. Below is, for example, a Google Maps search for ‘Hospital near Cape Town.’

Source: Hospitals in South Africa on Google Maps, Wikipedia

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