Malaysia Visa for Indians

Malaysia Visa for Indians

An eVisa scheme was implemented by the Malaysian Government in 2017 to promote visa applications and tourism in Malaysia. Indian citizens can apply for both an electronic visa (eVisa) and an eNTRI (Electronic Travel Registration and Information) if they comply with the required visa requirements.

The eVisa allows up to 30 days for Indian nationals to live in Malaysia and allows multiple entries. Currently, Indian citizens are the only nationals who can enter various occasions with the same visa, as only single-entry passes are permitted for all other nationalities.

Tourists Visa For Indians

To enter Malaysia, which countries need a tourist visa?

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Via an online form, citizens of the following qualifying countries can quickly obtain their Malaysian tourist visa.

Nationals of these countries can apply from anywhere globally for their tourist visa, except Malaysia or Singapore.

Malaysia’s requirements for tourist visas are:

Document required for a visa from Malaysia

  • Passport valid
  • Picture of passport size (for more information, see the full photo requirements)
  • Return flight reservation verified.
  • Minor applicants need a certificate of birth.
  • The authorized eVisa tourist visa for Malaysia will be sent by email to the applicant. It can be printed out by the traveler to present upon arrival. To enter Malaysia, the following documents are also necessary:
  • The eVisa Printed
  • Visa application for Malaysia
  • Passport valid
  • Return flight reservation verified.
  • Evidence of lodging
  • Sufficient funds for expenses (credit or debit card/cash/traveler’s cheque) while in Malaysia
  • The holder of a Malaysian tourist visa can stay for up to 30 days in Malaysia. Malaysia’s tourist eVisa also permits multiple entries into the country.

Transit Visa

However, they cannot get a transit visa if the traveler does not leave the airport. A transit visa is required for Malaysia only if the individual goes to the airport and stays in Malaysia for a short period.

As some countries do not enjoy visa-free entry to Malaysia, while transiting via Kuala Lumpur International Airport, a free transit pass can be obtained for stays of up to 120 hours.

The traveler must have an onward ticket departing from Kuala Lumpur, and Air Asia or Malaysia Airlines should operate the flight. For this free transit pass, residents of the following countries are eligible:

Bhutan, China, Myanmar, Nepal


EVisa requirements for Malaysia

Under some conditions, a visa is valid for Malaysia on arrival. Chinese and Indian nationals arriving directly from Singapore, Indonesia, or Thailand and holding a valid visa for any of these three countries may obtain a permit for a stay of up to 7 days upon arrival.


At Kuala Lumpur-International, Johor Bahru, Kota Kinabalu, and Penang airports, visas can be obtained upon arrival. However, the traveler will need to have their return flight ticket and show they are carrying at least USD 1000.

The arrival visa also carries a cost, 407 Malaysian ringgit (100 USD) should be paid by the traveler. The payment of the visa upon arrival will not be approved in any other currency.


The eNTRI Visa for Indians in Malaysia?

An electronic travel permit that allows Indian citizens to travel to Malaysia for 15 days is the eNTRI visa waiver for Indians.

The eNTRI visa waiver allows Indians to revisit Malaysia, but they must wait three months for another eNTRI authorization to be obtained on their last visit to Malaysia. It is valid for use in Malaysia for three months, with a permitted stay of 15 days. The waiver of an eNTRI visa is single-entry only.


Benefits of applying for a visa as an Indian for Malaysia

For both an eNTRI visa waiver and an eVisa for Malaysia, Indians may apply. However, you might want to use for one more than the other, depending on your reasons for traveling and the length of time you want to stay. Take a look at the table below to understand the two forms of travel authorization if you are unsure about the discrepancies between eVisa and eNTRI visas and which permission you would need to travel to India.

Online Visa Application Form

The visa application form for Malaysia only takes a matter of minutes to complete. Applicants only need to answer a few quick questions and use a credit or debit card to pay a fee. Usually, applications are processed within one business day. Licensed eVisas are emailed to applicants.

Who can apply for a visa from Malaysia?

Ten nationalities may apply online for a visa from Malaysia. Other types of visas for Malaysia that travelers can obtain from embassies or consulates exist for races that are not eligible.

The Malaysia visa can be requested by people with passports provided by the following countries:

Fill out the Visa Application Form for Malaysia

Completing the visa application form for Malaysia is simple and easy. Applicants only need to enter various details, including their name, date of birth, address, passport details, and travel plans. Some issues related to safety and health are also present.

  • Complete the application for the Malaysia Visa
  • Pay for eVisa– Pay with a credit or debit card for Malaysia eVisa
  • Visa Receipt – Get eVisa Approved by email.

Typically, applications are reviewed within one business day. Applicants should carefully review all the data they enter before submitting the form to minimize the chances of delay, as even minimal errors can lead to complications.

Copies of the following documents must be uploaded to all applicants:

  • Latest photo of passport size (fulfilling the guidelines for the picture)
  • Frontpage of passports (issued by a qualifying country)
  • Return flight booking confirmed (or evidence of onward travel)
  • Proof of accommodation (except for Bhutan’s citizens)
  • Birth certificate (only for applicants below the age of 18)

Note: Both email alerts and updates are sent by email to applicants. Applications are generally handled within one business day, and candidates are automatically informed when they are.

Upon arrival in Malaysia, will I get visas?

What does a Malaysian visa mean upon arrival? On arrival in Malaysia, Indians arriving directly from Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, or Brunei and holding valid visas from those countries can obtain a visa. It can be used for a limited stay (not extendable) of 7 days.


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