How much does a Norway trip cost?

The average daily price for traveling to Norway is 111 US Dollars, or $, and for meals is 30 US Dollars, or $. The average hotel price for a couple is 115 $. A completely budgeted trip will cost you 80$ per day. A mid-range trip is bound to cost 170 $ per day. A high-end trip will charge you 275 $.

The currency in Norway is the Norwegian krone. 100 Norwegian kroner, or kr, or NOK, are around 10,3 US Dollars. That is also about 9.8 Euros, or 800 Indian rupees, or 70 Chinese yuan.

Traveling to Europe is wonderful as this continent offers many beautiful countries. Norway is one such country that you cannot overlook. This Scandinavian country is in the northernmost and westernmost part of Europe. Located between the Baltic Sea & Arctic Ocean has some breathtaking views. So let’s get an idea of how much a Norway trip costs.

Fjords, inlets, and bays here are spellbinding. You can see wildlife throughout the countryside. You see everything in this area of the world from otters to moose and badgers. Norway is a relaxing destination for nature lovers, culture lovers, and historians. With plenty to offer you can even ger for a real adventure and memories to last lifelong. You can even head to the Tromso mountains in the Arctic circle or explore cities like Oslo.

Norway has so much to offer with the people here being vibrant and the scenery being beautiful in the world. But with a setback of being expensive and hence prevents people to travel here.

How much does a Norway trip cost?

Norway is costlier and not a budgeted place to visit. The average daily price for traveling to Norway is 1,072 kr (111 $) and for meals is 290 kr (30 $). The average price of a hotel room for a couple is 1,110 kr (115 $). A completely budgeted trip will cost you 773 kr (80 $) per day. Depending on your budget, a trip is bound to cost between 170 $ and 275 $ per day, or between kr 1600 and kr 2600.

With the following travel safety tips, you can make it easy to travel without putting a hole in your pockets. Here are a few money-saving tips to travel cheaper.

Prepare own food

Food is one of the huge expenses in Norway. Eating out every day in restaurants or fast food joints or food trucks will eat your budget. To save money prepare your meals. Carry a print of Norwegian dishes and buy from the grocery store and cook your food. Not only do you save money you may have more dining experience and you get to eat healthier meals.

Have a tourism card

To visit the sites and attractions, Norwegian cities offer without spending a fortune. You must buy a tourism card. Bergen & Oslo are the biggest cities in the country and they offer this card. They can help you save a great deal of money. The tourism card offers free public transport.

Book in advance

Do not delay in planning the trip to Norway ahead of time. Reservations in advance for airfare, car services, & accommodation can save up to 50%. Advance trips help you to get good hotels and easy bookings.

Limit adult drinks

A glass of beer or wine won’t put a big dent in your pockets but alcoholic drinks will charge you high. On average it will cost 100 NOK per beverage. By having a night out in the town with lots of refreshments you will pour money down the drain. Skipping the drinks will keep your head clear and you won’t have to miss time sleeping off a hangover.

Share the expenses

Go on the trip with a group of friends, and buddies that will help you get an amazing experience with people you love. You can also get a chance to split the cost of car rentals, hotels, hostels, etc.

Where to stay in Norway?

There are plenty of beautiful places to stay in Norway and below is a list of amazing sites and places to visit.


The most populated and the capital city of Norway offers various accommodations. There are many incredible things to do here. Exploring the museums, walking tours, gardens, and cruises can be a good experience. The architectural work is breathtaking and the nightlife is amazing.


Visiting fjords must be the first thing on your to-do list and Bergen is that spot. It is one of the most vibrant cities in entire Europe with some breathtaking landscapes. Bergen is the gateway to the fjords. You can access majestical and geological wonders making your jaw drop.


The northernmost point in entire Europe is Svalbard. Though this is a remote location it offers you plenty of things to do. It is a prime spot to see wildlife in the natural settings and has a great view of glaciers. Since Svalbard is in the far north you get prime views of the Northern lights and the summer’s 24 hr sun.


The center of Norway is Trondheim with famous and vibrant colored buildings. The pedestrian center is a good spot to roam around and meet locals and fellow travelers. There is Gothic Cathedral you must check out and many natural sites and Trondheim fjord.

With some tips & planning, you can visit this destination, without hurting your pockets. With friendly people and plenty of endless activities, Norway has a lot to offer. It is the warmest & most welcoming country in entire Europe.

How expensive is Norway?

Anyone coming from abroad considers Norway expensive.

  • Accommodation in a hotel or hostel for one person is kr 530 per day.
  • Accommodation in a hotel room for two persons is kr 1,050 per day.
  • Food is about kr 275 per day.
  • Entertainment is around kr 150 per day.

How much does it cost to fly to Norway?

It depends on the dates and season. But exploring Skyscanner I got these price ranges.

If you are in Europe, you can spend from as little as 30 US Dollars to 250 US Dollars.

If you are in North America, you can spend from as little as 300 US Dollars to 800 US Dollars.

If you are in West Africa, you can spend from as little as 600 US Dollars to 800 US Dollars.

If you are in East Asia, you can spend from as little as 500 US Dollars to 700 US Dollars.

If you are in South Asia, you can spend from as little as 600 US Dollars to 900 US Dollars.

How much do tours around Norway cost?

Most tours around Norway cost around 150 to 250 US dollars per day. That doesn’t include your trip to Norway. Most of them are one or two weeks long.

You can see many highlights of Norway with travel tours. It’s also a good way to travel with other people. You have tours that focus on cities, the countryside or the seaside. Tours for younger people or older people. Tours that are more about cultural experience or more nightlife experience.

Source: Budget Your Trip

The cover image is somewhere in Gudvangen, Norway. Photo by redcharlie on Unsplash