Real estate websites in Singapore

PropertyGuru, 99.co and EdgeProp are popular real estate websites in Singapore. Real estate agents, owners, landladies, or flatmates post their current listings on these sites.

You have various housing options in Singapore, from a room share to a furnished house or an apartment.

Facebook groups are an excellent resource for finding a place to live in Singapore.

I will present some of the most popular apps and websites for finding an apartment, a house, or a room in Singapore.

All websites linked in this article are in English. Use Google Translate or any other translation app if you need.

Real estate websites in Singapore

These are some property portals for finding an apartment, a house, or a room. They are about renting, buying, and selling. They have rooms, apartments, houses, and more.

These real estate websites feature various unfurnished or furnished accommodations. It is easy to navigate their information. All these websites have filters that allow you to narrow your search. With various search filters available, you can easily find your ideal home.

You can narrow your search by selecting the type of housing, municipality, neighborhood, or postal code that works best for you. Additionally, you can customize your search by setting filters for price, number of rooms, bathrooms, property condition, and other extras.

These sites operate in the English language. If you don’t speak these languages, you can get through by translating the page.

Online portals are a popular way to find homes in Singapore. Each listing will help you with the location, photographs, prices, and other features. Once you turn in the updates, they will send you daily emails with a listing according to your needs.


Websites provide precise information about apartments.

You have multiple ways to contact the letting agent or the property owner.

Some real estate websites have live chats.


Postings frequently need to be updated. Many of the listed properties are not currently available.

Agencies can show you many places that could be more interesting for you.

Suppose you deal with an agency. You will have to pay an agency commission.

Houses and apartments


99. co



Furnished rooms





Shared flats



All the real estate listed above offers shared flats.

Facebook groups about housing in Singapore

These are some Facebook groups. They are about finding housing in Singapore. They can focus on specific neighbors or communities: real estate agencies, landlords, and flatmates post available flats for long-term and short-term rentals.


Newly available properties are added on a daily basis.

You can find direct offers from owners, which means no agency.


Popular flats can be gone in a matter of minutes.

Due to the large number of ads, offers straight from the owner can be easily overlooked.

Postings may need more information, good photos, or a contact.

Many FB groups have identical postings.

Here are a few examples of active Facebook groups:

Singapore Whole Unit HDB CONDO RENT

Singapore Room Rent Expat

Singapore Rooms For Rent & Singapore Roommates

Singapore Whole Unit and Room for Rentals

Rent A Room In Singapore


Room for Rent in Singapore

Housing developers

New construction properties may be purchased straight from the developer. In this instance, you should not pay a brokerage charge, but you may need to wait twelve to twenty-four months to move into your apartment or house.

CapitaLand lists new construction projects in Belgium. Some websites above also list new construction projects.

How to find a real estate agency in Singapore

You can look up real estate agencies that can help you. If you want to find real estate in, for example,  Choa Chu Kang, you can type “real estate agency near Choa Chu Kang” on Google Maps or any other map app. And you can do the same with any other city in Singapore. There you can find a list of relevant agencies that you can contact.

You can also walk around a Choa Chu Kang neighborhood and look for rental signs. Start your search by walking or cycling around your desired neighborhoods. Real estate brokers and agencies in the area display current offers.


A dependable and responsible agent will be available for queries and problems even after the contract is completed.

Agents can help build up the contract and explain the various contract provisions.


Finding a trustworthy agent and knowing who to trust is difficult. You cannot choose the agent you will work with if you walk into a real estate office.

An untrustworthy agent will not be available if problems arise after the contract has been signed.

You will have to pay agency fees.

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