Refugee Outreach Activists

Refugee outreach activists and coordinators – volunteers, internships, and students – online worldwide

We are currently looking for activists and interns online. You will work in research, outreach, and casework. We publish information about the living conditions and the rights of people on the move, immigrants, and refugees. Every day, we answer questions in solidarity with people in need worldwide.

Time engagement: 2 or 3 hours per week or more if you can. Interns will have to comply with their minimum hourly requirements.

Duration: 3 months or more.

Has anyone ever mistreated you because of your nationality?

Do you struggle to access your favorite place to study or work because of your passport?

Is it fair that some passports let you travel visa-free to more countries than other passports?

Are you compassionate and friendly?

Do you want to learn to manage a small charity?

Do you want to do your internship directly supporting people on the move, refugees and immigrants?

Do you want to work in solidarity with refugees, immigrants, and people on the move?

If any of this resonates with you, we would like to hear from you!

You don’t need any formal qualifications or previous activist experience. If you have some, it’s a great plus.

Refugee outreach activists and coordinators – volunteers, internships, and students – online worldwide

Asylum Links

Helpful information in solidarity with immigrants, refugees, and people on the move

Asylum Links is a group of activists.

We do information in solidarity with refugees, migrants, and people on the move.

We believe in the universal right to travel.

We have started working with people in Europe and West Asia. We are now also working with people in South America and South Asia.

We publish accessible and reliable information. It supports people on work, visas, asylum, housing, healthcare, and education.

We share official or trusted documentation. We find local services that can give support. We communicate with people information on their options and rights in a country of interest.

We do individual casework for people that reach us, our clients. We find local services that can consider their case, and we make sure they contact each other. We work online and go out and meet people wherever they are. If our clients are unhappy with what the qualified person told them, we find somebody else. We also advocate for our clients and witness their living conditions.

We DO NOT advise on anything. We share information and show all the possible options. And we find professional advice for our clients.

We need compassionate people who have time to listen to our clients. If you are kind and have time, join our group. It is a tough job, but it will also be enriching. And people do benefit.

What activists and coordinators do

Every volunteer can be a coordinator in rotation with other activists. They lead activities in five main areas. This all depends on how much time you can put into this.

Outreach and dissemination

We distribute information online and offline. We aim to disseminate as much shared knowledge as possible. We do different missions in different countries, directly collaborating with local volunteers to better understand the situation.
We spend time communicating with people. We offer support and solidarity and witness their local living conditions.


For the individual cases that are more complex, we start a conversation and explore options together. We can give direct support to enable our clients to access the services they need.

Aid distribution

We share valuable resources when we have them. Distributions are a way to meet people.

Research and publishing

We research all possible options and regulations. Once it’s published, we test its validity with people’s experience on the ground. Our website,, is growing with information for everyone living abroad. We aim to become a central resource of solidarity among people in need.


We try to collaborate with other organizations on campaigns.


We always need to look for new activists.

Person specification


  • interest in migration, humanitarian and development work, or human rights 
  • be able to be online sometimes every week either via computer or via phone
  • self-sufficient 
  • compassionate 
  • sociable and friendly 
  • flexible: as a small organization, we occasionally take on responsibilities outside of our main area of work, and you will need to be prepared to help with a wide range of tasks 
  • motivated and relentless, so you will be able to advocate for people successfully
  • effective communicator online and able to distance work 
  • have time to do this. You will work at least 2-3 hours per week for at least 10-12 weeks, home-based. 


  • basic written English
  • some experience in Human Resources or Recruitment or Volunteers Management 
  • interested in migration or international development, or human rights 
  • some experience with places where our clients live.
  • any language you speak will be handy

Skills that you will develop

You will develop:

  • deep knowledge of migration theory, policy, and practice 
  • logistics and organization capacity 
  • strong initiative and ability to manage deadlines and completion of projects 
  • work proficiently both independently and as part of a team 
  • strong communication skills in multiple languages 

How to apply? 

Please submit a message to Complete these two following actions. That is your application. You don’t need to send us a CV.

1. Write a few lines answering these questions

  • Why would you like to act in solidarity with refugees and migrants?
  • Are you going enough time volunteering with your work and or studies?

2. Complete this short action; it is a part of your application. It is to give you a sense of the work we do.

We received this email a few weeks ago.

Nataka nende UK kujiendeleza Na masomo yangu or kusoma fani ndogo ndogo na huku nikifanya kazi

How would you reply? Please write a few lines.

After, if successful, We will book together a short online training. 

Examples of possible questions

What you will have to think about as an activists? some possible questions

  • How would you reach out to people with useful information online or on the ground? 
  • How would you get useful information from people either online or on the ground? 
  • How can you find work in Canada? or Saudi Arabia? or another country?
  • How can you get asylum in Ireland? or Thailand? or another country?

We are all activists, so this work is unpaid. We do have a small budget to finance daily operations. Interns are welcome.

The cover image is a wedding somewhere in Afghanistan. from PxHere