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Are you planning to move to Russia? With your kids? Then you must have a quick reading of the article below. 

Primary & Secondary Education 

Just like any other country education system Russian Education System is also broadly divided into Primary education is for the students of ages 6-10, the Senior or Secondary Education System school for students of ages 10-15. If we combine both the level of Educations then it sums to 11 years of schooling.  


A 15 years old student is given a choice to choose between a vocational school or a non-university institute. The programs offered during these are academics which includes subjects and a program of training in a technical field until students reach 17 or 18. These institutions are generally called technikum but now most of them are known as colleges.

School Schedules 

School in Russia generally has 4 terms. Talking about Holiday vacation, mid-winter recess, and spring recess it varies by district or state in which school is located. 

A day is Russian schools normally starts at 8 a.m. and finishes at 1 or 2 in the afternoon. Students generally have to attend class 5 days a week, although some schools require an extra study on Saturdays.

Private and International Schools

Private schools are kind of uncommon in Russia. These schools focus on learning English and other critical skills. Private schools usually have a high tuition fee as compared to the state school.

For the expats, there are also international schools in major Russian cities, such as the Anglo-American School of Moscow these are established by the US, UK and Canadian Embassies in Moscow.

For your reference i have provided a direct link to the list of schools in Russia, Check the list here

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Scholarships for Studying in Russia

Foreigners, Russians living abroad and immigrants can apply for state scholarships on the same terms as Russian citizens once they pass entrance exams or Uniform State Examination (EGE). Every year Russian government provides so-called ‘state-funded spots’ at universities to international applicants. In 2019, 15,000 such spots were granted. Allocation of quotas is carried out by Rossotrudnichestvo (The Federal Agency for the Commonwealth of Independent States, Compatriots Living Abroad, and International Humanitarian Cooperation) through its international network of offices, as well as through embassies of Russia abroad.

There are 5 Steps to Applying to a Russian University:

  1. Finding information about the regional office that chooses international applicants for studying in Russia on the website Studyinrussia.ru.
  2.  Contacting the united operator in your country and get information about available scholarships and fields of study.
  3. After registering on the website, you will need to fill out an electronic form and submit your application.
  4. Waiting for an invitation to participate in the selection process (interviews, tests, examinations).
  5. Finding yourself on the list of candidates (based on the results of tests/examinations), and if you are on the list of candidates, please prepare additional documents.

The government scholarship includes: free tuition for the entire duration of the chosen programme; maintenance allowance (for the entire duration of study regardless of the candidate’s success). In 2019, an average scholarship amounted to 1,484 roubles a month (approximately USD 22); dormitory accommodation (if available).

The government scholarship does not include: travel costs; living expenses; voluntary health insurance policy.

More information on studyinrussia.ru:


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