School system in China

China, known as the Republic of China, is a country in Eastern Asia. China has the largest population in the world and the fourth largest country. The school system of this country is also one of the top countries. The Standard of education in China is very high, as in the past few years the economy of China has developed so fast. This country is very well famous for the production of electronics goods. Schooling in China will be compulsory until the age of 15 years. Let’s know more about the Education System and Schools In China.

School system in China

The school system in China is divided into different parts which need to pass to get promoted in a new class. It’s divided into three years of Kindergarten. Also five to six years of primary school and three to six years of middle school. These are the mandatory levels of education for every student. After these, students may opt for higher education in various fields.

Chinese School System Ages

Pre-Primary Education – 2 to 6-7 years

Primary Education – 6-7 to 12 years

Junior Middle School – 12 to 15 years

Senior Middle School – 15 to 18 years

Pre-Primary School

Pre-Primary School or Childcare is often considered an essential part of a child’s education. It’s available for children having age more than two years. These schools engage children in various activities which are essential for academic growth. Pre-primary school is not mandatory in some areas. The spots for childcare or pre-primary schools fill up so quickly, as the Chinese are very much concerned about their children’s education. The Chinese language is taught at these schools as their mother tongue.

Primary Education

Primary Education in Chinese schools starts at the age of six to seven years. In schools, primary education is provided at no cost. Chinese schools differ from western schools in many manners. In the initial days, the students are taught Chinese and mathematics which is also called the “The Big Two”. Children in this phase also instructed some of the extra activities like music, art, dance, etc.

Middle Education

Middle Education starts at the age of 12 to 18 years. Divided into junior middle school and senior middle school in the public school of China. Junior middle education is compulsory for all the students and after completing that students may opt for senior middle school, vocational school, or a professional school.

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