schools in iraq

Schools in Iraq

Iraq’s education system is under the supervision of the Iraqi government as a whole. From primary to doctoral degrees, there is public education free of charge. Private education institutes do exist in Iraq. But the cost of attending them makes them undesirable to the majority of inhabitants.

List of Schools in Iraq

The following is a list of primary and secondary schools in Iraq. 


The following schools are located in Baghdad, Baghdad Governorate:
Elementary School:
  • For kindergarten and elementary; grades 1– 6 : Al-Adel Elementary School
  • Al-Bohtry Primary School
Only Girl’s School:
  • Al-Eelaf High school for Girls
  • Al-Ameen High School for Girls
  • Al Aqida – Al Rahibat High School for Girls – established 1928
  • Al Hariri High School – girls’ school
  • Al-I’tizaz Secondary School for Girls
  • Al. Jumouriea Secondary High School for Girls
  • Al-Kansaa Secondary School for Girls
Only Boy’s School:
  • Al-Forat High School for Boys
  • Al. Jumouriea Secondary High School for Boys
  • Al-Mohopeen High School for Boys – Al-Khadhraa
  • Al-Mutamaizeen High School for Boys – al Harthiya


Schools in the city of Baquba, Diyala Governorate, include:
Only Girl’s School:
  • Al-Adnaniah High School for Girls
  • Al-Huria High School for Girls
  • Aysha High School for Girls
  • Um-Salamah High School for Girls
Only Boy’s School:
  • Al-Maarif High School for Boys
  • Al-Edadia Al-Markazia High School for Boys
  • Al-Jawahery High School for Boys
  • Al-Najaf Al-Ashraf High School for Boys
  • Al-Sharif Al-Radhi High School for Boys


Schools in the city of MosulNineveh Governorate, include:

Only Girl’s School:

  • Al-Mouhobeen Secondary School for Boys and Girls
  • Al-Mutamaizat High School for Girls
  • Kourtoba High School for Girls

Only Boy’s School:

  • Al-Mustaqbal High School for Boys
  • Al-Sharqiya High School for Boys
  • Al-Mutamaizeen High School for Boys
  • Al-Resalah Al-Islamia (Al-Resalah) High School for Boys

Classification of Iraq’s Education System

Iraq’s official educational cycle lasts 12 years, with 6 years of compulsory primary education beginning at the age of six. It’s followed by 3 years of intermediate school, and finally 3 years of secondary education. This is further categorized into general secondary scientific and literary education and secondary vocational industrial, agricultural, or commercial education.

Students who complete high school and obtain the required credentials for post-secondary education enroll in universities or technical institutes, where they will study for at least four years. Students from teachers institutes, as well as students from secondary vocational types, who achieve exceptional scores in their final examinations, are eligible to enroll in colleges and universities to further their study.

Iraq Education: Pre-primary Education

Pre-primary education is available in Iraq. The Preschools cater to children between the ages of four and five.

Iraq Education: Primary School

At the age of six, students are eligible to participate. There are six grades at this institution. They are entitled to attend Intermediate School after completing an examination and receiving a Primary School Certificate.

The school system is suffering as a result of the current economic situation.

It causes parents to either not send their children to school or to have them drop out at a young age. Furthermore, instructors are dissatisfied because of their poor wages. There is a shortage of textbooks, and there is a misunderstanding between teachers and parents.

Intermediate School

Students in Iraq’s education system then attend Intermediate Schooling, which includes grades 7-9. Students take the National Intermediate Baccalaureate Examination at the end of ninth grade. Students can then enrol in a vocational school after completing this exam.

Some Iraqi schools solely teach the intermediate stage. As a result, the kids must finish their preparatory education at a different institution. The majority of schools have both intermediate and secondary levels.

Secondary School

Secondary schools are for students in grades 10 through 12. Secondary schools are divided into two types: general and vocational.

Secondary School

Secondary school is for students in grades 10 through 12. Secondary schools are divided into two categories: general and vocational. General education schools provide a well-rounded education. Agricultural, Industrial, and Commercial schools are the three types of schools.

Public & Private Iraq Universities