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Living in Serbia

(Obviously we need better but that’s a start) Advice for British people living in Serbia, including information on health, education, benefits, residence requirements and more. (English)


Rights in Exile Programme

List of pro bono legal assistance providers is a directory of organizations, lawyers, and others who are able to assist refugees free-of-charge in legal matters and help secure refugee rights. This list may also be of use to legal providers assembling and arguing cases elsewhere in the world for information on country of origin, case development, and other help.

(All Languages in Google Translate) – Welcome to Europe

For freedom of movement: Independent information for refugees and migrants coming to Europe (English) (Arabic) (Farsi) (French)


NSHC – Humanitarian Center
psycho-social, educational and other support
Ass Teodorovića 3
21000 Novi Sad, Serbia
T / F (+381.21) 423 021, 423 024[email protected]

Acquiring citizenship in Serbia

It appears that the normal procedure will consist of the following:

“A foreign citizen who, in line with the regulations on residence of foreign citizens, was allowed to permanently reside in the Republic of Serbia can, upon his own request, be admitted to the Citizenship if:

(I) he/she is 18 years old and not deprived of working capacity,

(II) he/she is released from foreign citizenship or he/she submits the evidence that he/she will be granted the dismissal if admitted to the citizenship of the Republic of Serbia, except in the case when a foreign country does not allow the release from citizenship or sets conditions for release that a foreign citizen cannot fulfill and a foreign citizen submits the statement that he/she renounces his/her former citizenship, or If a renunciation or loss of the former citizenship is not possible or cannot be reasonably expected,

(III) he/she has had uninterrupted residence on the territory of the Republic of Serbia for at least three years until submitting of application,

(IV) he/she submits a written statement that he/she considers the Republic of Serbia his/her state.”

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