Shopping in Venezuela

We can’t take everything with us to some new place even though we want to take and that makes it very important to have the knowledge about the malls that are near around or located into that particular country/city. In this article, we will talk about the things you must buy(takeaways from Venezuela), malls located in Venezuela. People of Venezuela are crazy about shopping and definitely, you can buy some good kinds of stuff from Venezuela.

Special things you must buy when you to Venezuela are:

  1. You can buy the fine quality handicrafts like hand-woven baskets made by the indigenous inhabitants of Venezuela.
  2. The Bead jewelry and other wooden handicrafts are also very famous and attract the most travelers.
  3. You can also buy Gems, Gold or Silver jewelry from Venezuela.
  4. You can also try their famous ‘Chi Cha Andina’, which is made from rice or cornflour.

Tips: If you want to buy these items at a very reasonable look for these items where they’re made, but if you’re unable to find such a place then you can try Hannsi, an enormous crafts department store in El Hatillo, an outlying district of Caracas. 

If you are searching for malls and want to explore the malls located in Venezuela then below is the list provided for you. Most of the malls are open six days a week from Monday to Saturday. The local shops and smaller outlets are often closed during lunch hours.

List of Malls in Venezuela

C.C SAMBIL (Barquisimeto)

Location: Avenida Venezuela con Avenida Argimiro Bracamonte, y Av. Críspulo Benitez, Barquisimeto 3001, Lara, Venezuela

Open Till : 8PM

Phone: +58 251-7137905

Orinokia mall

Location: Av Guayana, Ciudad Guayana 8050, Bolívar, Venezuela

Open Till: 9PM

Phone: +58 286-6003500

Paseo El Hatillo – La Lagunita

Location: Av. Principal de la Lagunita, Municipio El Hatillo, Caracas  Venezuela, Caracas 1083, Miranda, Venezuela

Open Till: 8PM

Phone: +58 212-2115200

C.C Las Trinitarias

Location: Avenida Los Leones, Barquisimeto 3001, Lara, Venezuela

Open Till: 9PM

Phone: +58 251-2545050

Tolón Fashion Mall

Location: Avenida Principal de las Mercedes, Caracas 1080, Distrito Capital, Venezuela

Open Till: 8PM

Phone: +58 212-3008866

Llano Mall

Location: Av. José Antonio Páez con Eduardo chollet, Venezuela

Open Till ⋅ 8PM

Phone: +58 255-6237717

Galleries Los Naranjos

Location: Av. Principal los Naranjos, Caracas 1083, Miranda, Venezuela

Open Till ⋅ 7PM

Phone: +58 212-9860820

Sebucán Mall Galleries

Location: Avenida Los Chorros, Caracas 1071, Miranda, Venezuela

Open Till ⋅ 8PM