Shopping malls in Italy

These are some great shopping malls in Italy

  • Sicilia Outlet Village
  • Il Centro shopping centers
  • Centro Commerciale Anagnina
  • Brico Centers
  • Mazzini street in Verona
  • Toledo street in Naples
  • Mercerie of Venice

There are a hundred reasons why you should visit Italy at least once in a lifetime. Italy has a lot to offer, like a charming experience when shopping. This country is home to the best places to shop.

Shopping malls in Italy

These are some shopping malls in Italy. So shop in these malls In Italy!

Sicilia Outlet Village

It is a wonderful place far from the smog of the big city.  Here you can enjoy personalized services and amenities at very less cost.  It is an easy-to-reach spot immersed in greenery.
It is the heart of a magical island, Sicily. A genuine village offering all the comforts.
There are many reasons why doing shopping at the Outlet Village is a great idea. There are 140 exclusive shops.
Every shop has articles from the collections of your favorite brands.
Opens: 10:00 AM8:00 PM

Il Centro

It is one of the largest shopping centers with all fashions. Here you will find all that you desire. There are also many cafes and restaurants with lovely decorations.
Some shops sell clothes at a very low cost.  So it’s profitable to come to this center and shop.
Opens:  9:00 AM10:00 PM

Centro Commerciale Anagnina

It is a large shopping center in a developing commercial area of Rome. It opened in May 2004.
There are many clothing and shoe stores. And also various bars, restaurants, and big supermarkets. The main stores are Scarpe&Scarpe, Euronics, Cisalfa, Sisley, Denny Rose, and Timberland.
The total area is about 24.000 sq.m. And its parking can host around 700 vehicles.
It is also famous for its 4 stars Hotel Anagnina.

Brico Centers

This place is the leader among the ‘do it yourself’ shops in Italy. It offers the goods to work on your house: to repair stuff, for decorations, and for gardening.
Brico Center mall started its work in 1983. These centers include 85 stores with 1800 employees.
The average area of one store is about 2500 meter square.

Mazzini street in Verona

Shop at one of the most popular markets in the beautiful city of Verona. It has one of the largest pedestrian zones in the city.
It has several stores offering fashion accessories, clothes, and shoes. Here you will be able to indulge in some cheap shopping as well.
Located in central Verona.

Toledo street in Naples

Naples is maybe the most romantic city in Italy. The vibrant city is a melting pot of colors, culture, and history.
Shopping in this city is like wonderful sightseeing. It is the perfect place to go clothes shopping.

Located in central Naples, Italy.

Mercerie of Venice

One of the most famous shopping streets is in the San Marco district. Here the best picks are jewelry, souvenirs, and fashion.

Located between Rialto and San Marco in Venice, Italy

These above tips were taken from and Maanasi Radhakrishnan on Travel Triangle.