Study at Universities in Afghanistan

You need to learn which of its universities are right for you if you want to study in Afghanistan.

In case, you want to study at universities in Afghanistan. Then, an important decision is to choose where to study. We’ve gathered some information which we hope will help you determine where to study. Also, there are a ton of things to remember. First, which country/region are you supposed to be studying? And what are the country/region’s top universities? 

2020 Afghan University Ranking

1. The American University of Afghanistan

Country Rank: 1

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World Rank: 5500

The University of Afghanistan is a private, non-profit, higher education institution. It was built in 2006. The university is at Kabul. Also, AUAF is a very small coeducational higher education institution. According to, UniRank enrollment near about 1,000-1,999 students studies in this university. Also, the university is accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education, Afghanistan.

2. Kardan University

Country Rank:2

World Rank: 5705

Kardan University, established in 2002 in Kabul, Afghanistan. It is the first private-owned University in Afghanistan. However, It started operations in a small classroom with 15 students in a country where higher education privatization was first encountered.

  • The institute soon became one of the country’s largest private higher education institution and was promoted by the Ministry of Higher Education to university status.
  • The school today has over 4,000 students pursuing graduate, undergraduate and graduate programs at its three campuses in Kabul City. The university offers bachelor-level courses in management sciences, information technology, engineering, and social sciences, as well as master-level business administration and international relations. Not only this, but Kardan has also produced more than 20,000 graduates in many different disciplines

3. Kabul University

Country Rank: 3

World Rank: 7866

In 1932 Kabul University opened and is a non-profit public higher education institution. In addition, the institute recognised by the Ministry of Higher Education, Afghanistan, Kabul University. KU is a medium-sized coeducational higher education institution. UniRank enrollment range: 9,000-9,999 students. Also, KU offers courses and programs in several fields of study which lead to recognised higher education degrees. For further information please see the uniRank degree rates and research matrix areas.

4. Jahan University

Country Rank: 4

World Rank: 7988

Established in 2013, Jahan University is a private higher education institution located in Kabul’s. Also, Jahan University (JIHE) is a coeducational higher type of educational institution. In addition, institute accredited and/or recognised by the Ministry of Higher Education, Afghanistan. You will get several courses and programs in JIHE. So, you can choose any area of study which lead to recognized higher education degrees. For further information please see the uniRank degree rates and research matrix areas below.

5. Herat University

Country Rank: 5

World Rank: 9420

  • Established in 1988, Herat University is a non-profit public higher education. Although, the institute is in the medium-sized town of Herat in the urban environment.
  • The Herat University (HU), is officially accredited and approved by the Ministry of Higher Education, Afghanistan. Also, it is a large coeducational higher education institution (uniRank enrollment range: 10,000-14,999 students).
  • HU provides courses and programs in many fields of study. All these programs lead to officially recognised degrees in higher education such as bachelor’s degrees.
  • However, for further information please see the uniRank degree rates and research matrix areas below. This 32-year-old college of higher education has selective admission. To get admission in it you have to give an entrance exam.
    So, this is all about Study at universities in Afghanistan



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