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How to Study In Australia

Australia is one of the countries which is famous for its coasts. There are several beaches such that 90% of the population in Australia lives near the coast. If you choose to pursue your study in Australia, you’ll experience a diverse culture. Australia also provides education in various fields.

After the United States and the UK. Australia is the third most popular destination for international students.

Most international students chose to study there due to cultural diversity. And due to the high quality of education and friendly natives.

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1. Why Choose Australia.

Australia is one of the most popular countries to study abroad. Many international students prefer Australia over any other English countries. Australia offers a lot to explore. With a climate, you can escape from the extreme cold weather here. Many parts of Australia are warm all year round. In comparison to northern Europe and North America.
Here you can find exciting large cities such as :
Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide.

You experience the fascinating countryside with animals and nature in Australia.

2. What does it cost to study in Australia?

The living costs in Australia for students are not very high, but the course fees can be expensive. The cost of education varies depending on what school, type of education and duration.
The cost of universities is approximately 20000-35000 AUD per academic year. Usually, language schools and colleges are slightly cheaper.
Some universities in Australia will offer scholarships to international students.

Top Australian Universities to Aim

University of Newcastle

University is 54 years old Australian public university. It offers many courses:

  • Business, 
  • law, arts, architecture, 
  • creative industries, 
  • engineering, psychology, 
  • biomedical sciences, pharmacy, and so many other subjects. 

In QS World University Rankings 2019, the University of Newcastle ranked 214th. Newcastle University aims to provide a problem-based learning system. In terms of infrastructure. It is a medium-sized modern university and people around. Here are more friendly than the prominent metropolitan options to study in Australia.

University of Adelaide

It’s another public university situated in the south region of Australia. The university formed in 1874. It has also labelled as the 3rd oldest university in the nation. The university provides a world-class education to international students. Who wants to study in Australia through a range of graduate programs. The professors of the university are very professional and generous. If you ever ask them a question, they will do their best to solve your problem. In 2018, they had more than 8K international students.

University of Western Australia

UWA is a public research university that established 108 years ago. The University of Western Australia ranked as the 6th oldest university in Australia. The architecture of the university is also a bonus. As the elegance of the limestone buildings makes it unique. The university also provides sport, library, and gym facilities. Perth state is also near the campus, making recreational activities convenient.

University of Melbourne

A British statesman, Hugh Childers founded the university 166 years ago. Now, this university is the 2nd oldest university to study in Australia. The university emphasizes teaching students not only theoretically but also practically. They believe that structured learning is not the right way to learn something. So they continuously research and discover new teaching methods and styles. And to make this happen, all the credit goes to the excellent staff of the university. Moreover, there is also an Accelerator Program which helps students improve their skills.

University of Queensland

At present, it offers bachelor’s, associate, doctoral, higher doctorate, and master’s degrees. And the availability of such a wide range of degrees makes it one of the leading universities in the nation.

Recently, the university invented the HPV vaccine, which can prevent cervical cancer.

If you are a student who loves self-study, go to this university. This university can be a fantastic place for you.


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