The Best 5 Universities In Mexico

 Education has a long history in Mexico. In 1551 The Royal and Pontifical University of Mexico discovered by royal decree. By contrast, Harvard College built in 1636 and is one of the oldest in Anglo-America. Before the 20th century, education in Mexico limited to the male and under the auspices of the Roman. However, now Mexico accounts for a large portion of Latin America’s top universities. In addition, some 63 Mexican universities are included in the QS Latin America University Rankings 2019. Of these, the best 5 Universities in Mexico are:

1. National Autonomous University of Mexico 

  • A public research university in Mexico is the National Autonomous University of Mexico. (Spanish: Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, lit. ‘The Autonomous National University of Mexico, UNAM).
  • This university ranks high in world rankings, based on comprehensive, research and creativity. 
  • UNAM campus is a UNESCO World Heritage Site constructed by Mexico’s best-known architects.
  • Some of the most known artists in Mexican history have painted murals on the main campus. This had an acceptance rate of 8 percent in 2016.


2. Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education

  • It is a private multi-campus, secular and coeducational, university located in Monterrey, Mexico. However, ITESM has expanded to include 36 campuses across the world. It has also become one of Latin America’s best universities.
  •  Moreover, the first university in America speaking world to connect to the Internet. According to the Economist, it has also been the top-ranked business school in the country. Also, one of the Mexican universities’ leaders in patent applications. 
  • In conjunction with Houston Methodist Hospital, and thus offering the only MD-PhD program. 

3. National Polytechnic Institute of Mexico

  • It is one of Mexico’s largest public universities with 171,581 high school.
  • According to QS World University Rankings by Subject, it is the second-best university. 
  • Built under President Lázaro Cárdenas del Río’s administration on 1 January 1936. Although, to provide technical education to the most deprived social groups. This a tradition that continued because it is one of the few vocational schools in the world.
  • This institute made up of 98 academic units that offer 293 study courses. It comprises 78 technical professions, 80 undergraduate programs, and 135 postgraduate programs. The main campus, known as ‘Unidad Profesional Adolfo López Mateos’. 


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4. Metropolitan Autonomous University

  • A Mexican public university, established in 1974, is the Metropolitan Autonomous University. Backed by then-President Luis Echeverria Alvarez.
  • The organization strives connected to the social and human climate. A continuous reinvention of science and higher education at the forefront of conservation.
  • As an autonomous university, it is a State public entity (Article 3 of the UAM’s Organic Law). University founded on intellectual freedom and research values. But, influenced by all the currents of thought.

5. Universidad Iberoamericana

  • Undoubtedly, one of the most prestigious universities in Mexico, the Ibero-American University.
  • However, this institution is a type of private Higher Education institution funded by the Jesus Society and also regarded as a degree of international significance.
  • In 2009 the UIA awarded the SEP-ANUIES Award as Mexico’s best private university.
  • Iberoamericana is located in Mexico City’s District of Santa Fe.

  • Its largest library, Biblioteca Francisco Xavier Clavigero, contains over 400,000 books. 
  • Moreover, In 2007 it has one of the country’s largest university libraries. It also boasts one of Mexico’s largest law libraries.
  •  So it is all about The Top 5 Universities In Mexico. 


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