Things to do in Cabo San Lucas

There are a lot of things in Cabo San Lucas. No one gets bored at Cabo San as there never be enough time to explore each and everything of Lucas. Make sure you have useful information about the place and activity you are going to do and explore. Here is a little guide for all the tourists who wish to see a glimpse of San Lucas. You can enjoy here at clubs and discos, know more about the fascinating history at Lucas’s best museums. Also, visit the national park for wildlife experiences.

Enjoy at Clubs and Bars

The beach bars and waterfront cantinas have contributed to the city’s well-earned reputation as a party heart paradise, the heart, and soul of the vibrant nightlife scene in Cabo is the downtown tourist district, particularly the two-block stretch around Plaza Bonita. This trendy, packed dance club district showcases Cabo San Lucas at its best late night and is home to signature night spots.

Recommended Bars

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  1. Jungle Bar

Cabo Pulmo National Park

Divers will place this marine reserve squarely in their plans, but you can also pack a snorkel and fins on land and drive from San Lucas or San José to the northeast. In this unpopulated area, you will be far off the grid, and that is half the fun. The coast alternates between strong headlands of granite and gentle coves, and all the incredible skies and cacti are within.

To protect a network of coral reefs, the National Park has been set up, and even if you’re snorkeling, the abundance of marine life in these waters is staggering.

You can be covered in shoals of fish at times.

Four of the eight species of sea turtles live here, while you can see outlandish mollusks among the multicolored parrotfish and butterflyfish on the reefs (11 coral varieties).

Todos Santos

“Northwest of the municipality of Los Cabos, around the Sierra de la Laguna mountain range, Todos Santos is a beautiful traditional town called” Pueblo Mágico “by the Mexican Secretariat of Tourism.

The painted one-story homes, upmarket restaurants, and arts and crafts shops near the main Plaza del Pueblo have many to do with that.

The whitewashed mission is on the south side of the square, and there’s an Art Deco movie from 1944 on the western front.

The Pacific pounds the beaches at Todos Santos, and while this is not conducive to casual bathing, surfers will know all about the nature of the breaks.

Tortuguero’s Las Playitas is a conservation charity for those who want to give something back to the ocean ecosystem of Baja California Sur, enabling you to help leatherback turtle hatchlings find their way to the ocean.

Playa el Chileno

Playa el Chileno, another beautiful beach on the Corridor, rivals Santa María for beauty and has only just been designated for growth. It’s a public beach facing east, with a small recess on the shore, and now there’s a boardwalk leading down from the car park. You can sit on rocks to the south during the season and watch the whale pods swim by. The quantity of sea life in the bay’s shallow waters is startling, and on calmer days, the sea is clear enough that you won’t even need snorkeling gear to see the fish darting around your legs. The joy of Playa el Chileno is its seclusion, but this means no bars or restaurants, so you’ll need to pack a picnic as well as a parasol.

San José del Cabo Art Walk

With an art walk from 17:00 to 21:00, San José shows off its artistic hand. This event was set up to draw people to the art district, the blocks behind the church, a community of galleries and art shops. The town has made the main street, Calle Alvaro Obregon, car-free as the art walk has gained momentum, contributing to the atmosphere. In the neighborhood, up to a dozen galleries, such as the Frank Arnold Gallery, Desert, and Casa Dahlia, participate in the event and arrange seminars, wine nights, meetings and greetings, and live music.

Mount Solmar

Climbing this rough-hewn peak at Land’s End is one of the most rewarding free activities accessible in Cabo San Lucas. The trek to the top is possible for most ages, even if the slopes of Mount Solmar look difficult, as the rocks are like natural steps, and the peak is not much more than 100 meters above sea level. When you reach the summit, the panoramas of Los Arcos and the Bay of San Lucas are all you can hope for. The only challenging part is locating the trailhead, which sits at a dog shelter on private land, but this can be easily researched online.

Cabo San Lucas Golf Centre

A golf spot in Los Cabos is challenging to select because greens’ quantity and consistency remain among the best in the world. In San José del Cabo, Club Campestre San Jose and Palmilla Golf Club are two popular courses that attract both professionals and golf enthusiasts. Visitors said that they were struck by the varied landscape, excellent layouts, and impressive scenery at both Club Campestre and Palmilla. Cabo San Lucas still has plenty of hit ties. According to recent visitors, the Cabo del Sol Desert Course and Ocean Course, Diamante Cabo San Lucas, and El Dorado Golf Course have 18-hole courses with spectacular views, daunting water hazards pristine greens.

Do shopping at Cabo San Lucas. 

In Los Cabos, shopping is pursued with zeal, as luxury is the norm. In local markets with jewelry and goods, numerous boutiques, downtown shops, and shopping centers draw visitors to sample items. Malls are lined with shops for clothes, shoes and houseware, and restaurants. The Puerto Paraiso Mall and Luxury Avenue are top places for brands like Yves Saint Laurent and Dior to find high-end products. As you check out the local vendors’ products, a quaint plaza could offer the perfect place to rest and refresh yourself with a drink and a snack. Map out your day ahead of time and make sure to use the trolley service to help you fly with your goodies while you look for the best purchases from place to place.

On Lover ‘s Beach, take a swim (Playa del Amor)

On their small island at Land’s End, Lover’s Beach and Divorce Beach are connected.
Lover’s Beach looks into the bay and is a wonderfully delicate piece of water suitable for swimming and water sports. Divorce Beach has turbulent waves on the other side of the island, and because of the dangerous weather, you are cautioned against swimming on this side. Two beaches that couldn’t be named more correctly.
Lover’s Beach is the ideal spot to take a dip and enjoy the Sea of Cortez’s warm water. It is a good idea to get there early, as, during the middle of the day, the Beach can get extremely busy and crowded.
For a small fee (around $10 return), several fishers and boat operators will give you a return trip to Lover’s Beach. Make sure they’re negotiating a time to come and pick you up.
Check out Santa Maria Beach, a simple Cabo San Lucas excursion, if you are looking for another spot to cool off. Only a 20-minute bus or rental car trip up the east coast, and you can arrive at the Beach.


Drink a shot & enjoy The Sunset

There’s nothing better than a drink in your side to enjoy the sunset and your bare feet in the sand. Here the floor is made of sand, and there’s no dress code.

In Cabo San Lucas, several different bars and restaurants line the beach and give you a lovely view of the sunset. To get away from the crowds, select one of the smaller restaurants with super fast service and polite staff.

One of the most popular places to eat on the beach is Mangos On The Beach, well-known for its craziness and party atmosphere. Instead, we decided to miss the party and grab a blue drink next door at the Omega Sports Bar where everyone sits outside.

This place has a sandy floor and happy workers who, when the sunset and the weather got a little colder, were kind enough to give us colorful blankets to keep warm.

Our dinner for two, cocktails included, cost us just 500 pesos (less than $25) at Omega. One of the best things to do in Cabo San Lucas is to enjoy the sunset with a cocktail.

Learn how to hold up a paddle board

Find your power and learn how to hold a paddle board for one hour. It’s the perfect activity for a beach holiday, and with little preparation, you can quickly learn one, although you need some upper body power to get going!

This is one of the easiest things to do in Cabo if you’re trying to get some exercise.

If you’re new to SUP and would like to join a tour to tell you about the region with a professional guide (and keep you safe!), check out this experience.

For just $50, a guide, tools, snorkeling, fruit, and juice are included in the trip. Groups with a maximum of 6 people are limited, and the period is about 1.5-2 hours. For info, click here.

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