Top banks in Peru

BCP, BBVA Peru, Scotiabank Peru and Banco Internacional are the four major banks. It consists of 15 universal service banks as well as microfinance providers (Cajas Munez, Cajas Rurales and Edpymes). They also provide services like financial specialists, leasing agencies or other public banks like Central Bank, Banco de la Nacion, Agrarian Bank and Corporacion Financiera de Desarrollo. The ranking of Peru’s largest and finest banks based on total assets are as follows.

Peru’s financial sector is one of Latin America’s most stable. Banks in Peru are responsible components of the broader financial, insurance, and pension industry. The Banking sector in Peru accounts for around 3.8% of Peru’s GDP. It is also responsible for regulating financial flows as well as channeling savings and investment. More than 85% of the financial industry, with banks, finance firms, and credit unions included, represents about 3.2% of GDP alone.

Top banks in Peru

These are some of the top banks in Peru.

Banco de Credito del Peru

The Credit Bank of Peru is the largest bank in Peru in assets, deposits, loans, customer and staff numbers. It works in 424 local branches and 2 270 ATMs with its main offices in Lima. International offices are also located in Miami, Florida and Panama. BCP offers various savings products to offer sustainable banking for their customers. They provide personal loans and mortgages, credit card and debit cards, insurance, internet banking and many other. The bank is also involved in the investment, management of wealth, finance and consultancy solutions, foreign exchange and many more services. BCP shares list on Lima Stock Exchange and have a total market capitalization of 1.9B.


With approximately 300 branches and 1.690 ATMs countrywide networks, BBVA Perú (previously BBVA Banco Continental) is the second biggest bank in Peru. It serves more than 6.7 million clients and employs over 5,900 persons with its headquarters in San Isidro. Peru’s top commercial finance bank was selected by 2021 Global Finance and Latin Finance’s best bank in the credit market.

Scotiabank Peru

Scotiabank is the third-largest bank in Peru. It delivers banking products and services across the country through over 200 branches and 860 ATMs. Total assets were $23 billion and shareholder equity was $2.9 billion in March 2020. In 2019, Scotiabank has also acquired a 51 per cent interest in Banco Cencosud. This entitled them to became Peru’s second-largest issuer of credit cards.

Banco Internacional del Peru – Interbank

The Interbank is the fourth-largest bank in Peru and the second-largest consumer banking player. It is also the fourth biggest assets and lending bank in Peru. It’s the largest bank in the world. It operates in about 270 domestic branches and a single subsidiary in Panama. The shares of Interbank listed under the INTERBC1 symbol on the Lima Stock Exchange and holds a market cap of around 18B. Intercorp financial service is a subsidiary of the corporation (IFS).

Banco de la Nación

Banco de la Nación, with consolidated total assets over PEN 30,2 billion, is the fifth-largest commercial bank in Peru. A state-owned bank with 4,770 staff and more than 630 branches in each of Peru’s regions is the government’s financial agent. Around 60% of branches of the banks located in distant parts of the nation. It has a main office in San Borja, a district of the province of Lima established in 1966. The firm has Moody’s long-lasting A3 grade. On Bank of the Nation, Fitch removed ratings. 

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