Transportation in Norway

Transportation in Norway

Norway has a long history of using the sea for transportation and the importance of road and rail. Now air transportation has grown during the past century. Public transportation is not common in rural areas due to the low population density. But it is extensively developed in and around towns.

Norway’s transportation system is broad and effective. It is widely supported by a mix of national, private, and municipal businesses. Although trips might be lengthy, overall services are often fairly comfortable. Almost for all the trips have tickets available for purchase online or through an app. Also, there are discounts running on these from time to time. The national public transportation planner EnTur is a fantastic place to begin (also available as an app). It combines routes for all forms of transportation in the nation. Although you will often need to buy tickets directly from each provider of that service.

Public Transportation in Norway

For ex-pats who enjoy fjords, reindeer, and harsh winters, moving to Norway is the best option. But, Norway has more to offer than just beautiful scenery. You can discover everything you need to know about migrating to Norway in this article.

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Long Distance Bus

It’s good to know that Norway has a robust and dependable bus system for long-distance travel. One of Norway’s largest express bus networks is operated by Nor-Way Bussekspress. Tickets can be pre-booked online through the Nor-Way Bussekspress website. They operate 18 routes, primarily in the southern part of Norway. Bus names include

  • norgesbussnettbuss Norway
  • unibuss

Commuter Buses

In the biggest cities, there are public buses with Wi-Fi. Tourist information centers for transportation in Norway have details. In some towns and cities, you may also buy daily and weekly travel passes. By making reservations in advance, you can also save money on public transportation. If you plan to use buses and trams frequently you can buy day, weekend, or week cards.By Car

If you’re going in a group, renting a car is more affordable than buying everyone bus tickets. Just be sure to account for the cost of gas. Those of you who are based in Europe might think about taking the road!

A car makes it easy to camp while visiting Norway because you can stop whenever you want to rest, eat, or take photos. Car rental rates typically begin at around 550 KR per day, though they can vary from company to company. Anywhere you go, you can rent a car to navigate around huge areas, airports, cities, and villages. 

There are some Norwegian Traffic Laws that you need to consider while driving:

  • Don’t drive after drinking.
  • Use a hands-free device when driving.
  • At all times, dipped headlights are required.

Travel Comfortably by Train

Over 3,000 kilometers of railway lines in Norway provide views of mountains and lakes. The Bergen Railway is the most well-known mode of public transit in Norway. It crosses Hardangervidda on its route between Oslo and Bergen. For more than a century, the railway has connected Norway’s western and eastern regions. Norway’s railroad spread from Oslo, which serves as the country’s primary rail center. The longest railway in Norway, The Nordland Railway, runs from Trondheim to Bodo. Minipris (cheap) tickets are offered each month. Up until 90 days before departure, purchase train tickets. Given their incredible luxury and Wi-Fi, Norwegian trains are a fantastic way to travel.

Norway provides many routes with the Norwegian State Railways if you want to travel by train. Compared to long-distance buses, the network is small, but the service is top-notch.

Image result for trains of norway

Train rides in Norway are fun and an excellent method to travel for both locals and visitors. About the beautiful scenery, the train ride from Oslo to Bergen is recommended.

Names of Trains:

  • Lokal
  • VY Regiontog
  • VY Regiontog (night)
  • Flam Railway

Traveling by Air: Saving Time and Money

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Norway has 59 separate airports. And there are many airline routes that connect the country’s north and south. Traveling by plane can save a lot of money and time because Norway is a huge country. It covers 324,220 km2 and extends 1,750 km from north to south. These three airlines are examples of some which operate domestic and international flights from many destinations in Norway:

  • Norwegian
  • SAS Braathens
  • Wideroe

Traveling with a View: Ferries

Norway’s major cities like Oslo, Bergen, and Trondheim are located along the coast. Hence ferries can be a helpful form of transportation. Ferries can range in size from smaller ferries in the north to longer fjord crossings. Great tourism routes run from north to south.

Due to the huge reduction in traffic, traveling by water is faster. Car ferries can be used for fjord crossings. Or for longer portions of journeys around Norway to alternate driving and ferrying.

  • Color Line
  • DFDS
  • Stena Line
  • Smyril Line

Advice for using local buses that cross ferries: Local buses are run by each municipality, and certain routes cross ferries. On long journeys, the coach just rolls on and off again, but on other occasions, you may need to board the boat on foot and board a separate bus once you disembark. Buses typically connect, so they wait until people get off the ship before leaving.

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