Transportation System in Afghanistan!!

Travelling within Afghanistan is limited by the rugged terrain. Because the country has less than 25 km (less than 16 mi) of railroad track. All of which is for shipping goods. And they are from Afghanistan,Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. Petroleum products are supplied from Uzbekistan to Bagram. And also from Turkmenistan to Shindand. Ports on the Amu Darya include Keleft, Kheyrabad and Shir Khan.And there are about 21,000 km of highways, about 13% are paved, 8% are gravel and 79% are dirt.

Public transportation in Afghanistan is generally by buses and trucks. And in which loads of people, animals and produce are packed into small spaces. And on the roof also. Generally women ride in the front or separated from men. City dwellers usually travel by bus and bicycle. But in the countryside most Afghans travel by foot, donkey, horseback and sometimes by camel also.

1)  Taxis and Car Rentals-

Depending on the distance you are travelling, destination where you’re travelling and your bargaining skills. Taxi fares range from cheap to expensive.  Drivers may know basic English language. Always keep extra precaution when booking cabs in Afghanistan. Especially near sensitive locations like military.

Private taxis are available and popular with expats. But 24-hour minicabs are also available for airport drop offs and pickups. When entering in a taxi, it is mandatory for the women to sit on the back seat.

It is wise to keep taxi numbers in your phone. Especially when going out after dark. As public transportation can be hard to find during night.

Afghan Logistics & Tours (+93-70-027-7408 or +93-70-028-8668). They offer both private taxis and car rentals at reasonable rates.

Renting a car with driver or a guide, is probably the wisest way to get around Afghanistan.

Exploring Kabul on foot is not a bad idea. The city is very compact and safe for walking.

2) Airports-

Kabul and Kandahar have international airports. There are total 48 airports in the country. And about half of which have paved runways. The national airline is Afghan Airlines.  Bakhtar Afghan Airlines also provides some domestic services.

3) Animals-

Camels and other pack animals are used for conveying the goods. Country depends on neighboring countries for the shipment of goods.

4) Water Taxis-

Water Taxis get to and from different areas of the country via the inland waterway. The Amu Darya River works as a connecting channel. It connects with main ports on the riverbanks of Shair Khan, Kheyrabad, and Kelef.


As there is no train system within Afghanistan, but there are regular buses. And these run around popular destinations within Kabul.

Millie Bus runs through different routes around the city. But it is advisable to use taxis if you want to get to your destination faster.

This is the main Transportation systems that are running within and out the country.