Travel agencies in Germany

Die TUI in Mühlhausen , Hotwire, and Lufthansa City Center are good travel agencies in Germany. Travel agencies organize your travels, activities, and accommodations. They can ensure you get the most out of your travel experience. A good travel agency can help you save time, money, and stress by taking care of your trip’s details.

If you plan on traveling to Germany, you may need a visa, depending on your country of origin. You can check Traveldoc or IATA Travel Centre if you need a visa.

How to find a travel agency in Germany

To find a travel agency in Germany, type “travel agency in Germany” on any map app you like. Search in English, German, or any other language. I searched “travel agency in Germany” in English on Google Maps and found this list of travel agencies in Germany.

How to choose a good travel agency

To choose the best travel agency in Germany, consider these factors.

Customer service

A good travel agency must have excellent customer service that is responsive, helpful, and accommodating to your needs.


Good value

Travel agencies often charge fees for their services but also can get discounts for you. So, comparing pricing across different agencies is essential in determining the most value for your money.

The way you want to travel

Everyone has a different way to travel. You prefer to chill in a resort. Or you want to trek in a forest, or you want to travel on a cruise. Some travel agencies specialize in specific ways of traveling or destinations, while others offer a more comprehensive range of services. Consider what type of trip you’re planning and whether the agency has the expertise and resources to meet your needs.


Look for reviews from previous customers to understand their experience with the agency. 

You can also check if the agency is a member of any professional organizations. German Travel is an example of Germany.

Best travel agencies in Germany

Below are some of the best travel agencies in Germany. They all have four over five stars on Google Maps with over a hundred reviews.

100 Euro is about 107 US dollars. That’s around 8,907 Indian rupees or 784 Chinese Yuan.

Most links below are in English or German. Use a translation app, like Google Translate, if you need.

Die TUI in Mühlhausen is in Mühlhausen, Germany. They organize tours in Western Germany. Their tours cost around 68 euros per day per person.

Lufthansa City Center is in Eisenach, Germany. They organize tours and cruises in Greece. Their tours are around 140 euros per day per person.

Aer Manufakturis in Göttingen, Germany. They organize tours and cruises all over the world. Their prices start from around 173 euros per day per person.

Reise Vogel is in Eschwege, Germany. They organize tours and cruises in Europe, Canary Island and Thailand. Their prices start from around 148 euros per day per person.

REISEBÜRO Wache is in Erfurt, Germany. They organize tours in Europe, Egypt. Their prices start from around 203 euros per day per person.

DERTOUR Reisebüro is in Erfurt, Germany. They organize tours in Germany, Europe, South Africa, Turkey, Thailand, Dubai and New York. Their deals start from around 177 euros per day per person.

Die TUI in Mühlhausen is the top travel agency in Germany. This agency allows travelers to customize their itinerary. They consider travelers’ interests and, based on that, set the itinerary by keeping their preferences, budget, and time in mind.

smile and fly GmbH & Co. KG

Vietsky Travel Germany

JTB Germany GmbH

Reisebüro Octopus

Urlaub Center Ruhla

Touristik Travel

Ebru Touristic

DER German Travel Agency

Popular travel websites in Germany

If you want to organize your holidays on your own, you can explore these popular travel websites in Germany. You can also find tour packages.


Visit Berlin





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Sources: Google Maps

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