How much does a trip to Australia cost?

As you arrive in Australia everybody gets a sticker shock. You see the expense of things. And your jaws fall. Sometimes Australians experience sticker shock and they’re staying there. Travelers are rushing down their budgets. Because no one ever expects the cost as much as they do. So, here’s a guide in Australia to save your money, Know the budget To A Trip To Australia Here.

A trip to Australia, cheapest time to visit 

On average, those are the cheapest dates to travel to Australia. And for the stay at an Australian hotel.

  • January 29th to March 25th,
  • April 9th to May 6th,
  • July 30th to December 2nd (except the week of October 8th)

The cheapest time to spend in Australia from August to September.

How much does a trip to Australia cost? 

When you’re heading to Australia, your average costs seem to look like this:


  • Hostel rates in northern Queensland for about Us $20 per night.
  • It’s around $15-20 on the west coast.
  • Noosa down to Melbourne it’s cost $25–35 AUD per night.

The smaller the sleeping position, the bigger the cost.

Private rooms are $55–110 AUD per night.


  • Your typical Australian meal will cost you around $15–20.
  • A decent meal is going to cost you about $40 in a nice restaurant.
  • Only McDonald’s is expensive — it’s around AUD 8 a value meal.


For a country of drinkers, they make it very difficult to do. Beers cost around $9 AUD. 


A typical multi-day tour will cost around $400-540 AUD. Day trips are around for $50-300 AUD.


Except for the west coast, travel is very expensive there. The flight is also easier than taking a bus. It can be cheaper than either Greyhound or flying. But if you can get a deal on a tourist bus.

Greyhound provides much decent value passes on the coast. The ride from Cairns to Melbourne is at AUD 558.

A Trip To Australia- Save Money in Australia

  • Cook – Cooking your meals can save you significant money. Cook pasta for a week. And a few types of meat. Buy ready meals, and spent $60 AUD. That can be the cost of Australia’s food a day. Cook the meals as much as you can. Hostels and guesthouses have kitchens to cook in.


  • Drink Less –Alcohol is bringing disaster to all healthy budgets. A 6-pack of beer is AUD$14. Drink less if you want to save gas.


  • Share A car Australia is a large and expensive country. To get around. When you’re traveling it’s smart to buy a used car.


  • Seek out free InternetIn Australia, the internet is weak and costly. But the libraries and the McDonald’s have free WiFi to use.

This is something about A budget trip to Australia.