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Joussour Alkhair – El Aouina

“Joussour Alkhair” is a humanitarian, apolitical and non-profit organization. It was founded and declared in El Aouina in Tunis in 2012. It is governed by the Tunisian law of associations to help people, especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds, disabled, orphans and without family support both in terms of morale and material, in order to improve their daily lives. Joussour AlKhair acts on the Tunisian territory.

https://www.facebook.com/JoussourAlKhair/ (French)

L’Association Tawhida Ben Cheikh  pour l’aide médicale

The objectives of the association:

• Collection of medicines and medical equipment and their redistribution to the needy. • Organization of medical caravans in the Tunisian territory for preventive, curative and screening purposes. • Provision of medical and paramedical assistance in social and health centers such as child protection centers, geriatric centers and centers for people with special needs. • Support for Tunisian families who have no specific needs, through free consultations and participation in health care costs, and assistance in transport and medical transfers, both in Tunisian territory and outside, in collaboration with community organizations and national and international hospitals. • Training and upgrading in the areas of care, hygiene and first aid for the members of the association, in order to professionalize associative volunteers. • Collaboration with care teams in hospital and emergency services in public institutions (reception, care and hygiene) when needed. • Establishment of rapid response and disaster response teams; both in the Tunisian territory and outside.

https://www.facebook.com/Association.Tawhida.BenCheikh/ (French)

Esmâani-اسمعني (only hospital, pending checking)

Esmâani offers moral and psychological support to patients through listening, discussion and entertainment (reading, board games, music …). Volunteers can participate in the physical well-being of the patient by walking or looking after their appearance (shaving, hairstyle …).

Sometimes, volunteers also help organize the patient’s daily life or accompany him in his administrative procedures. The association organizes occasional collections of clothes, blankets or toys for the poor and calls for the donation of blood during urgent needs.

Teams of volunteers support the sick and their families on a daily basis during their stay in the hospital. The association is active in the hospitals of Charles Nicolle, Bab Saadoun-Bashir Hamza, Salah Azaiz and Jendouba …

It is by simple gestures that the association tries to bring some warmth to the lonely people in the hospital.

https://www.facebook.com/Esmaani.Tunisie/ (French)