Turkey Visa from Armenia

Turkish government officials have introduced the Turkish electronic visa system for visitors to the country.

This eVisa application system for Turkey allows Armenian nationals, as well as people from 90 other countries, to apply for travel permission online by filling out a simple application form.


To apply for a Turkish eVisa, all Armenian nationals must first meet a variety of requirements and restrictions. These contain details concerning the identification of Armenian applicants, passport information, and contact and payment information.

The Armenian’s full name, birth date, birthplace, nationality, gender, and marital status should all be included in the identity information. The name portion of the passport must reflect the Armenian’s name.

Armenian applicants must also hold a passport issued by the Armenian government with 6 months or more validity at the time of the travel. Passport details such as passport number, date issued and the date of expiration should be filled in as well.

It will also be required to submit a digital copy of the passport´s information page and a digital passport-type photograph, which must have a white or light background, while the traveler’s face should be centered and clear.

Armenians need a transit visa from Turkey.

Other visas are available, such as the Turkish Transit Visa, which is used by visitors who have a connection flight in Turkey and have adequate time to leave the airport and enter for a short time.
Armenians who plan to stay longer than two days should instead apply for a Turkish eVisa.

Is an Armenian visa on arrival in Turkey possible?

The VoA to Turkey is a sort of travel permission obtained once travelers reach one of the allowed ports of entry.

This permission is only given to a few countries. Armenia does not appear on the list of countries that are eligible to apply for this type of visa.

At any event, travelers from all over the world are recommended to apply for a Turkey eVisa instead, since it is easier, more convenient, and faster to obtain: there are no lines, no hours spent waiting in airports, and no paper documents are necessary.

The time it takes to get a Turkey eVisa from Armenia

The processing period for an Armenian national who meets all of the prerequisites and files the application might range from one to three working days.

The applicant’s email address will get all information regarding the status and approval of the Turkish eVisa.