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How to get a Turkish visa for Pakistani citizens

You can get a Turkey visa for Pakistani citizens in Urdu at the Electronic Visa Application System of the Republic of Türkiye or the Consular Services of the Republic of Türkiye through your closest consulate or local visa service provider. You want to use Google Translate, or any other translation app, to translate each page of your visa application in Urdu.

If you have a Schengen country, USA, UK, or Ireland visa or residence permit, you can apply for a 30-day single entry e-visa during a 180-day validity term. You need to show that you have a return ticket, hotel bookings, and at least 50 $, US Dollars for each day of your visit. And pay the visa price, 60 US Dollars. You can do that all online on the Türkiye e-visa page.

If you have an official (diplomatic, service, or special) Pakistani passport, you don’t need a visa for Turkey for 90 days within 180 days.

Getting a Turkish visa for Pakistani, in Urdu or any other language, requires proper planning and documentation. This article will guide you through the available types of visas and provide tips for speedy application approval.

Most websites or apps are in Turkish, English, and a few other popular languages but not in Urdu. If you need it, use Google Translate or any other translation service.

Do Pakistani citizens need a visa for Turkey?

Visitors with standard passports need a visa to visit Türkiye. They may get single-entry visas valid for one month. Read more below. Visas are not required for official passport holders for up to 90 days within 180 days from the date you first come to Türkiye.

Can Pakistani citizens get a visa on arrival in Turkey?

If you’re from Pakistan and want to visit Turkey, you can’t get a visa when you arrive there. You need to apply for a visa beforehand, and the easiest way to do this is through an eVisa.

Types of visas you can apply for

Türkiye visa types are as follows:

  • Tourist/Business visa
  • Official Visa
  • Student Visa
  • Working Visa

For other types of visas, you can find them at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

How to apply for a Turkish tourist visa for Pakistani citizens

Most Pakistani nationals must apply for a tourist visa at their closest Turkish embassy or Türkiye visa provider.

You must show your itinerary, return bookings, and proof of sufficient funds during your stay. You will have to give your biometrics, that is, photographs and fingerprints.

You can start at Consular Services of the Republic of Türkiye. This website is only in English and Turkish, so use Google Translate if you need Urdu or another language.

Turkiye e-visa for Pakistani nationals with a visa or residence permit from Schengen Countries, USA, UK or Ireland.

Pakistani nationals may remain in Turkey for up to 30 days within their 180-day visa validity term. The Pakistani e-Visa for Turkey allows only one entry.

To apply for a travel visa, you need:

A passport with two blank pages is valid six months after your intended travel date.

A return flight ticket.

Passport-size photograph.

Proof of accommodation like hotel reservations.

Bank statements from your bank account might serve as proof of sufficient money. 50 $, US Dollars per day of your visit.

You’ll need an invitation letter if you’re visiting friends or relatives.

Proof of travel insurance.

To apply for Turkey e-visa for a Pakistani citizen, you will need to follow these steps:

Go to the Turkish e-Visa Website and complete the online application.

Open your email:

For confirmation of your visa application, Check spam if it isn’t in your inbox. Return to the application webpage by clicking the link.

Make the payment:

You can pay the visa application fee using a credit card (Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, or American Express) or a wire transfer (HSBC transaction) right on the website. The website confirms the payment and sends an email to eVisa.

Download your e-visa.

How to get a Turkish work visa

Except for the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, all nationals must apply for a work visa and a work permit.

To obtain a work visa for Turkey, you will need:

Find work in Turkey.

Then your employer will do the work visa or work permit for you.

Complete the pre-application form.

Get documents:

You need a valid passport, employment contract, and proof of education/professional qualifications.

Get a visa:

After work permit approval, apply for a Turkish work visa at the embassy/consulate in your home country.

Attend an interview:

You may be required to attend an interview at the embassy or consulate.

Pay fees:

You must pay various fees throughout the application process, including a work permit, visa, and service fees.

Read more about How to get a work permit in Turkey and How to find a job in Turkey.

How to get a Turkish student visa

International students in Turkey need a visa, except those from Northern Cyprus, with parents living in Turkey on a work visa and residency permit or holding a Blue Card.

Students planning to study in Turkey from Pakistan must get a student visa from the Turkish Republic Consulate closest to them. Because student visa procedures can take time, you must apply for a student visa as soon as you receive your admission letter.

The Republic of Turkey Ministry of Foreign Affairs website has information on the visa system that applies to your country of citizenship.

You have the option of applying for a visa over the Internet. For further information about this procedure, visit the Republic of Turkiye Consular Procedures. 

How to get a Turkish family visa for Pakistani citizens

In Turkey, Article 30 of the Law on Foreigners and International Protection No. 6458 governs six distinct categories of residency permits.

It is often granted to a Turkish citizen/national’s foreign spouse, minor children, and dependent foreign kid (if any). The sponsor’s salary should be sufficient to sustain the spouse and those requesting a residence permit. If this criterion is not satisfied, they will have difficulty obtaining permission.

Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Turkey 

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