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Ukraine Visa for Indians

The quickest and easiest option to get a visa for Ukraine for Indians is to apply for an e-visa on the online portal. There is no need to visit an embassy or consulate in person to obtain a Ukrainian visa. The travel permission is provided to you through email after it has been approved, and you can use it to travel from India to Ukraine.

Ukraine Visa for Indians

The first step is determining what sort of visa you require and whether you can apply. You’ll also need to know what papers you’ll need to submit with your application, how long the process will take, and how much you’ll have to pay in fees. Each application must adhere to the rules that apply to your visa category. You may need to obtain translations made before applying if your documents are not in English.

Do Indians Need a Visa to Travel to Ukraine?

Ukraine is visa-free for many nations for up to 90 days, but Indian nationals need a visa no matter how long they stay. Over 50 nations now qualify for the Ukraine eVisa, including India. Eastern European travelers may now enter the country more quickly, thanks to the electronic visa. Visas on arrival, if no longer available, Indian nationals need to apply for a visa at least three days to 3 months before their departure.

How Can an Indian Citizen Apply for an eVisa to Ukraine?

Indian nationals can apply for an eVisa to Ukraine online in under 20 minutes. Indian passport holders must follow a few easy steps to receive the official travel document, such as:

  • Filling out the Ukraine eVisa application form
  • Paying the visa fee via a credit or debit card
  • Applying for review

Ukrainian officials verify and validate the information before assessing the online visa application for Ukraine.

The Indian applicant receives the eVisa through email once it has been authorized. The eVisa must be printed and kept on hand by visitors from India so they may show it to border or immigration officials.

Documents needed for a Ukraine eVisa from India

  • A valid Indian passport
  • Online fees payment mode (either by card or net banking)
  • A valid and working email address for all correspondence
  • Recent passport photograph
  • Copy of the biographical passport page (first two pages)
  • Insurance policy with a minimum coverage of 25-30 Lakhs.
  • Document stating sufficient funds for the intended stay
  • Reservation for hotel or payment slip for accommodation and dining in Ukraine
  • Voucher for tourism services
  • An assuring letter that they would cover all expenditures associated with the visitor’s stay in Ukraine and return to India.
  • Valid return ticket to India or country of residence

To get a Ukrainian visa, Indian people must fill out an electronic visa application form (eVisa). Only a few basic personal, passport, and travel details are required on the form to proceed. The applicant’s responsibility is to ensure that all the information provided is accurate. All details should be reproduced precisely as they appear on the passport. There are security questions on every visa application form, and the Ukraine eVisa application form is the same.

Introduction of the Biometric Visa Process:

Except for those traveling on official business, all foreign nationals must now apply for visas through the “Biometric Procedure.” All visa applicants, whether those with Ukrainian or foreign passports, must personally appear at the Embassy for the Biometrics process.

How long can Indians travel with an online visa to Ukraine?

The online Ukraine visa is valid for 30 days overall for Indian applicants.

Indian citizens must seek a different type of Ukraine visa if they want to stay for a more extended period or various reasons. Contact the Ukrainian Embassy in New Delhi for more information.

We were traveling from India to Ukraine with an eVisa.

Indian passport holders typically take a flight through Kyiv’s Boryspil International Airport. Most international flights are handled at this airport, the biggest in the nation.

Depending on the request made by border and immigration authorities, Indian citizens must submit the Ukraine eVisa, passport, and other appropriate travel papers upon arrival.

Please be aware that application forms submitted at the Embassy counter with a correctly uploaded digital photo of the applicant will be accepted. The Kyiv Embassy of India no longer accepts previous visa applications.

Each child traveling with the parent whose name is on the parent’s passport must have a separate visa form filled out. The new machine-readable visa sticker is sent without the Embassy’s signature or stamp.

Permitted Travel Objectives for Indian Citizens on the Ukraine eVisa

For business trips, vacations, family visits, medical care, athletic events, academic pursuits, scientific research, and the execution of official duties as members of the foreign media, Indian residents can go to Ukraine with an online visa.

Indian applicants must select their intended destination from a list of possibilities when completing their application. The kind of possible supporting documents that they must offer will depend on this.


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