Useful links for Canada: information, forums and guides

This is a list of useful links for people living in Canada or traveling around Canada. These links can be useful to understand what your rights are in Canada. Almost all of these sources are official. They are mostly in French or English so use Google Translate, or any other translation service, if you need support in another language.

Canada.ca is the official Canadian government source, it is in English and French and contains information on how to apply for different government services.

Useful links for Canada: information, forums and guides

Welcome Guide To Canada is a guide for people new to Canada, it’s published by the Canadian government.

Welcome Guide for Expats is a guide by expat.com, a website for expatriates.

Settlement Org is information for people wanting to live in the province of Ontario in Canada.

Asylum and Refugees

Rights in Exile in Canada

Rights in Exile publishes legal information and lists free legal assistance providers. It is a directory of organizations, lawyers, and others. All are able to work with refugees for free about legal matters and help secure refugee rights. Legal providers can use this information for arguing cases elsewhere in the world. This site is translated into all languages in Google Translate. 

Canadian Council for Refugees (French)

The Canadian Council for Refugees is a group of non-profit organizations. It works with the rights and protection of refugees and other vulnerable migrants in Canada and around the world. The Canadian Council for Refugees supports the settlement of refugees and immigrants in Canada. The Council’s website is in English and French. 

You can see also a useful list, in English or in French, of some of the organizations that work with migrants and refugees in Canada. 

Asylum Process in Canada (English, French)

This government website informs about the asylum process and on how to apply for asylum. You can find advice against fraud on immigration procedures in Canada, in English, in French and in Arabic

If you are interested in Privately Sponsored Refugees (PSR) programs, look at these guides in English, Arabic, Farsi, Amharic, KirundiOromo, SomaliDari, Swahili, Tigrinya and Spanish.

To search for a Sponsorship Agreement Holder, you can look through these lists of private sponsors in Canada in English and in French

For refugees under the blended visa office-referred (BVOR) program, you can use these guides, in pdf format, in EnglishArabic, Farsi, Kirundi, Oromo, Tigrinya and Spanish

Visa and Immigration

Visitor visa , Visa de visiteur

On Canada.ca you can find official information on how to apply for a visitor visa, which’s available in English and in French.

VFS Global is the official place where to apply for a visa to Canada. 

Healthcare and health insurance,

Websites about healthcare rights for everyone in Canada and for migrants, refugees, and asylum seekers in Canada.

Public Health Agency of Canada English French 

Accommodation and housing

Websites about possible places (hotels, renting, buying, housing, shelter, accommodation, camps) where people can stay in Canada.

Refugees Welcome (Housing) 

Housing in Ontario 

Introduction to housing from Canada.ca 

Women, men, LGBTQ+, elderly, disabilities, minorities, diasporas

You can find in Canada.ca an introduction to LGBTQ+ refugees’ rights.

And you can see another Introduction by Canadian Encyclopedia on LGBTQ+ right for refugees.

Rainbow Railroad is one of a few organizations in Canada dedicated to protecting the rights of LGBTQ+ refugees.

Schools and university

Websites or documents about education, enrolment, and universities in Canada. You can find an introduction to the Canadian education system on the official Canadian government website.

EduCanada is the official government website about education, schools, and universities. It’s in English and French.


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