Venezuela transport system 

You will not find any train in Venezuela but yes there are a lot of buses so you can easily travel within the country with buses, cars, and taxis. It is very important to constantly carry your identification card, like your passport, with you because police roadblocks are common and they will ask for the identification. 

Be aware of pickpocketers when you travel with public transport because pickpocketing seems to be very common in Venezuela.

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Venezuela car rental and taxis 

You will easily get a yellow plated licensed taxi at a very reasonable price in Venezuela. So, you need no worry and you can enjoy your traveling in Venezuela as it has so many beautiful places to visit around in Venezuela. 

If you want to get a taxi to go somewhere, than you should go with the official taxi companies.

For airport travel, look for official taxis, which are usually black SUVs, because they will not charge extra money from you. You can book an Aerotaxi for example ( +11-58-212-452-0842 ). 

Before you sit in the cab, always negotiate with the driver. Taxi are normally not metered and drivers can ask for more money especially at odd times like at night. 

Motorbikes rent

If you want to enjoy a motorbike ride you can easily hire rented motorbikes. You will face no problem as roads are good and fuel price is low in Venezuela, because it has eight biogas plants and it is one of the largest petroleum producers in the world. 

Venezuela ferries  

You can get ferries too as there is a ferry service between Venezuela’s mainland and Margarita Island which is operated by Conferry (+ 11-58-501-2663-3779). It generally leaves from Puerto La Cruz and takes eight to nine hours.

Caracas transport system

Let’s have a look at the transportation system of the capital of Venezuela the Caracas. In Caracas, there you will find two major means of transportion are which are the Metro and Buses. 

Metro System

Metro is the most used and fastest means of transportation in the city. The Caracas Metro System includes four main underground lines, you can buy ticket’s directly from the station or the tickets are available at the newspaper stands. The price of tickets is very much affordable, you can buy any ticket for less than 0.50 $.

You should avoid traveling through the metro during peak hours and you can opt for an alternative like a taxi. 


You can reach any place in Caracas by bus. You will easily find buses for anywhere that are run by different companies. But the difficult, and interesting, thing about traveling on buses is that people around you will mainly known only spanish. Therefore if you don’t know the area and you don’t speak some Spanish, it’s very hard to find places as bus drivers don’t know English and routes are not clearly signed. When in doubt, ask someone than step into the bus. 

You will get a bus stop everywhere around the city and you can stop the bus from the sidewalk by just waving your hand. But keep in mind that buses are more expensive when compared to Metro.

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