Asylum Protection

Venezuelans? Check How To Apply For Asylum Protection

According to UNHRC, the people of Venezuela are leaving their country. They are doing so due to an increase in violence, insecurity and threats. Also, there are facing a lack of food, medicine and essential services. From the UNHRC reports over 4 million people have left Venezuela till date. So, if you have moved out from Venezuela you should seek Asylum Protection for you and your family. In this post, we are sharing the information about how you can seek/apply for Asylum Protection. In case you are from Venezuela.

How To Apply For Asylum Protection

Most of the people from Venezuela are shifting to countries in a huge number:
  • United States (18,300),
  • Brazil (12,960),
  • Peru (4,453),
  • Spain (4,300),
  • Mexico (1,044),
  • Aruba,
  • Canada,
  • Chile,
  • Colombia,
  • Costa Rica,
  • Curacao,
  • Ecuador
The number shown is the total number of application of asylum seekers. As the people are migrating in huge numbers. Hence, increase the chances of sexual exploitation, trafficking, violence and xenophobia. So, UNHRC came forward to help the immigrants. 
To support refugee migrants from Venezuela. UNHCR is working with host governments and partners, like IOM. Also, they are working to provide shelter to all the migrants. Apart from this, the origination is running a various awareness campaign. To prevent discrimination against the Venezuelans.
The number of people moving is large and it includes children, pregnant women and LGBTQ. UNHCR is not only providing them support and legal orientation on arrival at borders. But also, giving them drinking water, and hygiene kits. Apart from this, they are also providing cash help to the needy Venezuelans.
So, it is better to reach UNHRC if you are an asylum seeker. They will not guide you but also give you all the possible help they can do.

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