vietnam visa for indians

Vietnam visa for Indians

Among Indian passport holders, Vietnam is a popular tourist destination. The nation is just a short flight from India. And for any traveler, the country has tourist attractions. Check out our Vietnam Travel Guides to schedule a trip to Vietnam. In Vietnam, Phong Park, Halong Bay, and Phan Thiet are popular destinations for Indians. Vietnam needs to be on the top of the travel list for all. It’s so easy. Vietnam will electrify all your senses. It will capture you from all angles with its dramatic landscapes. fascinating past, exciting food, and pulsating electricity. Vietnam is insane and serene at once, exciting, and calming.

This article is for Indian passport holders who are planning a trip to Vietnam. We will help you to figure out visas is a critical item. Yes, to enter the country, Indian passport holders do need a visa. With an online visa application on arrival. But, it is now easier than ever for Indian people to get a visa from Vietnam. Indians arriving in Vietnam after applying online will get their Visa upon arrival. At one of the international airports in Vietnam, including Ha Noi, Da Nang, and Ho Chi Minh City. 

Do I need a Vietnam Visa?

To enter Vietnam, most visitors will need a visa. People are exempted from Vietnam’s visa requirements in many African countries. It will be necessary for citizens of North American and European nations to get a visa.

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About why? Most countries must Visas for citizens of other countries to enter. Some government visitors before arriving to get a visa. At the same time, others issue Visa to individuals upon arrival. The visa requirements for Vietnam are a mix of these two approaches. Visitors must apply beforehand for a letter of visa approval. And then, upon arrival in the country, collect an official visa stamp on their passports. Luckily, the visa approval letter application can be completed and sent online.

What is the easiest way to get a visa for Indian people in Vietnam?

Applying for a visa online is the easiest way to get a Vietnam visa on arrival for Indians. Other countries of the country can also get a Visa on arrival. The Vietnam Immigration Department accepts your visa application. It is the easiest way to get a visa to Vietnam. By applying for an Indian Vietnam visa on arrival, the applicants will get a visa approval letter. An electronic document provided by the Vietnam Department of Immigration. Suppose you receive a letter of approval for a Vietnam visa. You will get a stamped Vietnam visa upon your arrival at the airport in Vietnam.

Taking the following steps to apply for a visa to Vietnam as an Indian passport holder:

  • Go to the website to fill the application form. 
  • Complete the application form for an online Visa.
  • Get a letter of approval for visa-on-arrival (VOA). At the airport in Vietnam, you can use this letter to pick up your Visa.

Please note that when it comes to obtaining a visa for Vietnam. We have found that Indian passports face difficulty since 2015. 

The Indian passport holders face high visa fees and with their visa application. They must produce a passport copy and evidence of a return flight. So, it is best to apply online for your Vietnam visa well before your journey. An early online application can provide more time to help sort out any problems.

The cost of a visa approval letter for Indian passport holders since 2015 has been as follows:

  • The US $35 for a one-month, multiple-entry, or single-entry visa.
  • The US $45 for a single-entry, three-month Visa.
  • 65 US dollars for a three-month, multiple-entry visa

Points for holders of Indian passports to remember when applying for a visa to Vietnam:

Indians should consider the following tips when applying for a visa to Vietnam:

  • Indian passport holders must have their passports with a validity of at least six months. The date should be from the date of arrival before applying for a visa to Vietnam.
  • For a new stamp, Indian passport holders should have blank pages open.

Visa-On-Arrival (VOA) 

VOA option applies only to holders of Indian passports who travel to Vietnam by air.

You must list your birth date exactly as it appears in your passport. You must write your full name. Please note that it doesn’t matter the order of your names. On your Vietnam visa submission, add your nationality and passport as your nationality.

Exactly as it appears on your passport, you must list your passport number. After your specified arrival date, you can enter Vietnam. You can not arrive before your specified arrival date, however.

When you arrive in Vietnam and pick up your Visa on arrival, you must have passport images for you.

How do you apply for an online visa application for a visa approval letter from Vietnam?

  • Suppose Indian citizens enter Vietnam for business trips and have a business partner. You can ask your business partner to contact the Vietnamese Immigration Department. It is a regulated guarantee form and instructions on how to complete it. In this case, the applied fee is lower for Indian citizens. 
  • Suppose Indian citizens join Vietnam and have no company in Vietnam to issue a guarantee form. In this case, you need to request an online visa application. After you apply your nationality, the appropriate fee will be quoted.

How to get started on your Visa to Vietnam?

Step1: Visit your local embassy for Visa

Holders of Indian passports can use one of the methods available below to apply for a Vietnam visa:

Address: 17 Kautilya Marg, New Delhi 110021, Chanakyapuri, India
Telephone: (+91 11) 26 879 868
Business hours: Monday-Friday from 8:30 to 5:30 p.m.

If you are currently living outside of India. In the country where they live, you can also contact the local embassy.

Step2: Or get Visa on arrival

Get started with a safe online form by filling in. Fill out the application form with the correct details of your name and passport number. Then fill in the date of arrival, say the mode of payment. Most big credit cards and debit cards are accepted. 

You will need to print the PDF attachment file (color desired, but not required). The photo requirements are 4 cm x 6 cm passport-sized images to apply when you reach Vietnam.

Upon arrival at one of Vietnam’s airports, receive your visa stamp:

Expect to fill out a simple form, apply your letter of approval, passport, and pictures. and pay the stamping fee. You will get a visa stamp issued by the Immigration Office on your passport.

Please note that visas can only be used for air travel upon arrival. You are supposed to contact the local embassy if you arrive by land or cruise to get a full Visa before you go.

To process my application, what documents do you need?

Please find the details needed below for processing your visa upon arrival. Also, what documents are needed at the airport in Vietnam?

  1. You must have the following details. To receive an acceptance letter for the visa upon arrival:
  • Full name as in the passport.
  • Passport number (Temporary passports are not recognized and must be a valid passport).
  • Date of Birth.
  • Ethnicity.

2.Upon arrival at the airport in Vietnam, please present:

  • (hard copy) Approval letter.
  • 02 pictures of the passport scale.
  • Entry/exit form for M3.
  • Stamping (by cash) fee.

Visa on arrival fees for India citizens

Type of visaTourist visaBusiness visaStamping fee
Single 1 month1870US$25
Single 3 month2895US$25
Multiple 1 months2175US$50
Multiple 3 months43110US$50

* The above price table is quoted in US dollars for the visa on arrival program. If you wish to apply via the Vietnamese Embassy in India. Please contact the Embassy directly to obtain the price of the visa.

Vietnam Visa Extension For Indians 

Indians will remain in Vietnam for no more than six months. According to the rules of the Vietnam Government. Indian people must renew a visa before their expiry if they do not have to pay the penalty for staying too long.

Procedure for extending the Vietnam Visa to residents of India:

  • Original passport for the passport.
  • Forms of a proposal must complement, amend visas, and extend the stay (Form N5).
  • Proof of assurance of your stay by the local police. Or temporary stay reported with the local police.
  • It allows 5-7 working days to get an extension. If you want to have it in 1,2 or 3 days, there will be more fees.

The Visa fee extension depends on some factors. To get the exact price, customers can give us the following information:

1. The nationality of a person wishing to extend a visa

2. What kind of old visa type? One month or three months, what kind of form is that? And where had it been issued?

3. What is the most recent arrival date? And what is the Port of Arrival?

4. What kind of visa will customers like to extend? One month, or three months,

5. Does a client in Vietnam have a guaranteed company or not? If so, where in Vietnam is the business located?

6. What town did customers register for temporary stays in?

7. Please send the above information to our email address, which we will receive in 24 hours.

Visa Extension Procedure:

 Indias should pay attention to the following issues when they come to Vietnam to work and live for a long time:

If they intend to work in Vietnam for a long time, India must have a Vietnam work permit. We will teach you how to get it (it is possible to expand the work permit).

After obtaining work permits, India can issue a house card for 2 or 3 years, which may be extended.

If India is a spouse, Vietnamese children, they can make a 5 Year Visa Exemption (we’ll talk about it later).

In Vietnam, Work Permits

Indias should prepare the following documents before coming to Vietnam. Keep ready these documents to save time for your country to go back.

  • The judicial profile is provided by the authority of the country of the house. The profile is control by that country’s foreign diplomats. In some instances, foreigners should ask for individual copies to be included.
  • Keep ready certificates of at least five years ‘ experience. A foreign diplomat in that region regulates it. There are some copies of this paper that foreigners should ask for.

 How to apply for a Vietnam work permit:

  • You should have a formal request from the boss, the Vietnamese group. Or the representative of an international organization for a work permit proof.
  • Welfare screening in residential countries or Vietnam by the Ministry of Health.
  • Judicial profile was provided in Vietnam by the jurisdiction of the state of the house.
  • Judicial profile was published in Vietnam by the Municipal Office of Justice.
  • For certain professions and professions, the certificate of advanced professional. Or technological competence of an alien may be replaced and must be regulated.
  • Two-color images. The dimension should be 4×6 cm. You should bear head, straight face, and clear face with two ears. If you wear glasses, please make sure they are not colored, white background. It should be taken six months before the application time.
  • All the documents should be in foreign languages must be supervised by a consulate. And translated into Vietnamese and notarized under Vietnamese law. They must be translated into Vietnam and notarized as a regulation of the Vietnam Laws. In the case of documents relating to foreign staff who are exempted from the consulate.

Vietnamese Visa FAQs For Indians:

1. What is the letter of approval?
The letter of approval for a visa is a document that allows you to enter Vietnam and leave for a limited period. You can get your Visa with this letter of approval upon arrival. It can be obtained from one of the three international airports in Vietnam. You can’t change the letter of approval once it has been produced. And you have to apply for another letter if you wish to alter your details.
2. What if I switched flights and landed at another airport?
At either of the three international airports, you can submit an approval letter. It does not change anything to move to a different airport. On arrival at any airport, you can get your Visa.
3. When are you required to pay?
You can pay at the Vietnamese International Airport. After sending your approval letter and having your passport signed.
4. What are the approved cards?
It supports all credit/debit cards. Visa, MasterCard, or American Express must be the cards.
5. How much of an acceptance letter can I ask for in advance?
Whenever you wish to, you may apply for an approval letter. But, 1-2 months before departure. It is recommended that you use an approval letter to ensure that the plan does not alter.
6. What is the protocol at the airport to get your Through on arrival stamp?
Fill in the sample form upon arrival at the airport, and apply your photographs to the area given. Fill in the amount you are paying correctly. It should take 10-15 minutes or so. The entire stamping process usually takes 15-30 minutes. Often, though, it can take up to two hours because of so many arrivals. To complete the process as soon as possible, make sure you get off the flight and hurry to the visa approval desk.
7. Do I have to state the exact arrival date?
You don’t need to have an exact date of arrival. It should be noted. But that you can not reach the country before the date stated in the letter of recommendation. Also, before that, you must leave the country.
8. Does this kind of Visa have any exceptions?
For overland entry, the approval letter/ online visa is not valid. It is only valid at one of the three international airports for access. It would help if you visited the embassy for an overland visa.
9. What if my passport is due to expire?
Your passport must have at least six months of validity left before you apply for a Vietnamese visa. So, if your passport will expire, make sure you have a new passport or a Visa before you apply.
10. How can I receive my letter of approval for a visa?
A PDF version of a scanned color copy of the approval letter is sent to your email address. So make sure that the correct email address has been given.
11. Can the application for the approval letter be processed quicker?
Generally, within five business days, the approval letter is emailed. You can, but request that it be processed quicker in two ways:
Suppose you send your application and pay the fee by noon Vietnam Time on a working day. You can request the letter to be sent by 6:00 PM.
(a) Same Day Processing:
Suppose you submit your application and pay the fee by noon Vietnam Time on a working day. You will have to submit it by 6:00 PM on the next day.
(b) Next Day Processing:
Notice that Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays do not apply.
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