Visa Requirement For Morocco

You’ll need staff that is willing to move with you as you transition to working in Morocco. Those wishing to reside and work in Morocco must apply for a work visa within the first three months of their arrival. Working with a Global PEO like Globalization Partners can help you secure a Moroccan work visa on behalf of your employees if you don’t know-how.

We will work tirelessly on your behalf to make the transfer as smooth as possible. We’re on your side from the beginning, from hiring personnel to handling payroll, compensation, and benefits. We’ll make sure that each of your employees has a valid work permit in Morocco and is able to legally work for you.

Working Visas in Morocco:

What are the Different Types?

Only specific countries are required to get visas for visits of up to 90 days in Morocco. Citizens of the United States, the European Union, Japan, Australia, and other countries are exempt. To work lawfully in Morocco, all foreigners will need a Moroccan work visa.

Moroccan visas are divided into numerous categories, but the long-term visa is the most prevalent for employment purposes. This category of visas has a three-month validity period and permits the holder to apply for a resident card.

The following are the subtypes of Morocco long-term visas:

Work visa: In addition to a work permit, foreigners wanting to work in Morocco must get a work visa.

For foreigners who wish to study in a Moroccan educational institution, a student visa is required.

Family reunion visa: For foreigners who seek to reunite with a family member who is currently residing in the nation.

Requirements to Obtain a Morocco Work Visa

To receive a work visa in Morocco, your employees must first have a work permit. You, as the employer, are responsible for overseeing this procedure on behalf of your employees. Then provide your employee the documentation so they can apply for a work visa and a residence permit.
To obtain any sort of work visa in Morocco, there are a few basic prerequisites, as well as additional requirements that differ by visa type. Requirements also differ depending on why your employee is traveling and how long they will be staying. The following documents are required for all applicants:

  •  application form
  • Passport and passport photocopies
  • Photographs the size of a passport
  • Ticket for the return flight
  • Accommodation proof
  • Proof that you have enough money
  • Insurance for travel