Requirements for a visa for South Sudan

South Sudan is the newest country in the world. Since it gained independence from the Republic of Sudan in 2011 only. Also, the country’s capital is Juba. However, it is still not a very popular country for tourism. Maybe due to its past turmoil and its economic state. But, still, there are many good things in South Soudan that you can explore. One of the most exciting things in the country is Dinka Tribal wrestlers. So, you can enjoy watching these regional sports. Also, you can visit Nimule, which is famous as paradise on earth. For all things, you just need a visa to South Sudan. In this article, we will discuss how one can apply for Visa and Visa’s requirements. 

It is essential that before you travel to South Sudan. You must check what type of travel document. You need as all the travels visit for different purposes so, requirements may vary. Here, the official website of the South Sudan embassy is given. 

According to the visa policy of South Sudan, only citizens of Tanzania don’t require any visa to visit. So, if you are from Tanzania, you can go to South Sudan even without a Visa!!

Do I need a visa for South Sudan? 

Visitors to South Sudan must get a visa from one of the diplomatic missions of South Sudan. If unless they are of South Sudanese descent. Or are from one of the countries with a visa exemption. Or are from one of the countries whose citizens are entitled to obtain a visa upon arrival.

Requirements for a visa for South Sudan

  • Your Passport
  • Visa
  • World Health Organization (WHO) card. The card must have yellow fever/cholera vaccination. Suppose arriving from yellow fever or cholera infected area.


Before flying, get your Visa. For the latest visa updates, visit the Embassy of the Republic of Sudan website. The person should make inquiries at the nearest Sudanese Embassy.


The Sudanese government needs U.S. people to display a passport that is valid for at least six months. And a visa for entry or an entry permit upon arrival at any Sudanese port of entry. Within three days of your arrival or risk being fined. Or you are getting your departure postponed. You must register at the Aliens Department at the Ministry of Interior. It is open from Sunday to Thursday.

Before arrival in Sudan, U.S. travelers must obtain an entry visa from the Sudanese Embassy. Two exceptions to this requirement exist:

  • U.S. residents with a domestic Sudanese identity paper. Such as a passport from Sudan or a national identification card.
  • Or travelers through a company or organization with a sponsor. Suppose the entry permit for them was obtained in advance from the Sudanese Ministry. At Khartoum International Airport, they can apply for an entry visa.

Previous tours to Israel:

You will not be permitted to enter Sudan if your passport has an Israeli visa or Israeli entry/exit stamps.

Exit Visas: 

Before leaving the country, you may need to obtain an exit visa. From the Department of Aliens and pay any airport departure tax. It is not included in your airline fare. You may get your exit stamp at the airport if you enter Sudan on a tourist visa and not extend your stay.

Women and Kids:

Women and babies, including Sudanese-American people of dual nationality. They must have the permission of their fathers or husbands to leave Sudan.

Single and divorced females must have the approval of their parents. Married women, no matter what age they are, must have the consent of their husbands.

A U.S. judge awards women exclusive custody of their children. A Sudanese court must have its custody order remembered. Before their children may leave Sudan without the permission of their fathers. For more information, contact the Embassy of the Republic of Sudan. 

Restrictions related to HIV / AIDS:

For tourists and foreign residents of Sudan, some HIV / AIDS entry restrictions exist. To receive a work or residency visa, Sudanese requires a negative HIV test. 

Visa Requirements South Sudan

In order to fill the form open the link Visa Application Form.

Entry Visa:

  1. Your passport must be valid for 180 days or more from the date of arrival in South Sudan.
  2. Fill your application form. Also, it should be signed by the applicant only. Note that if you have taken a print of your Applications to form on both sides of the paper, it will not accept. Hence your Visa will not be processed until it is replaced.
  3. Two (2) passport-size photos. Size: 2 inches by 2 inches).
  4. In case your company invites you, then carry an official letter from your company. Also, you must have an invitation letter. The letter should have the address to the Embassy of South Sudan from your organization. In the letter, the purpose of your travel must write. 

Processing Procedures:

  1. If all meet all the requirements, then the Visa may take up to five business days to issue.
  2. The Embassy only has the power to grant single-entry visas for regular passports. Multiple entry visas are only given to official and diplomatic Passports.
  3. Any request for the extension of stay in South Sudan. Consult with South Sudan Ministry of Interior, Directorate of Nationality. Before the expiration of your VISA. 

Visa Applicant Categories:

Nationals from South Sudan:

To fly to South Sudan, citizens holding South Sudanese passports do not need to get a visa. South Sudanese nationals who use American passports to fly. U.S. travel documents must have a Visa, and all required protocols must be met.

U.S. Nationals and U.S. Holders For Green Cards:

Suppose they are traveling with American passports to South Sudan. And U.S. travel documents must follow all visa requirements, and a visa fee of USD 160.00 will be paid.

Nationals of Europe:

You are traveling with European passports to South Sudan. You must comply with all visa conditions, and a visa fee of USD 100.00 will be paid.

For all other passports holders: 

Visa fees would be paid based on the concept of reciprocity not included in these categories. It means that the South Embassy would place the same amount that the country charges.