Visiting Iraq? Must go to these places!!

Iraq is a fascinating country. But Iraq lost its place in the world tourism arena.

It is now a mysterious country for traveling. And also it is a natural born historical nation which is present in the early birth of modern civilizations.

This is the country that is covered in natural beauty. It is generally known as the Cradle of Civilization.

1. Erbil

It is a 7,000 year old citadel of Erbil. It has an illustrious history that can be compared to other greats like Cadiz and Byblos.A massive castle is in the center of the city. Which is the great highlight here

2- Amadiya

Amadiya is a city which is on top of an inhospitable rocky mountain. It is 1500 meters above sea level.
The only accessible entrance was via staircase carved on the rock itself.

The points of interest to visit are the tombs of the Kings, the view from the top of the mosque, the Market Street,fabulous Badinan Gate and Kani village.

3. Baghdad

Baghdad has suffered in recent times due to incessant bombing and attacks by insurgent groups. The  Green Zone of the city you will need to get a special permit. But there is hope that one day people will be able to visit this city.

You will find copper bazaars, Assyrian treasures and monuments such as the Unknown Soldier.

4.  Karbala

This town is actually the place where millions pilgrims make their way every year.

The area is sacred of Shiite Muslims. Because of the Imam Shrine who is the final resting place of the martyr Husayn ibn.

It is also said that the archangel Gabriel is prescribed as one of the most sacred places.

5. Hatra

Sitting in deserts of western Iraq are the towering columns and ornate temples.

This place is known as one of the most amazing archaeological sites.

Glimpse wonders of the Parthian age at World Heritage Site. But in recent years some of these areas has been destroyed.