What are the best places to visit in Iraq?

Some of the best places to visit in Iraq are:

  • Erbil,
  • Ur,
  • Amadiya,
  • Baghdad,
  • Karbala,
  • Hatra, and
  • Dur-Kurigalzu.

Iraq is a very interesting place. But Iraq lost its place as a place to visit around the world. It is now a place to visit that is mysterious. But it is also a country with a long history.

What are the best places to visit in Iraq?

This country is full of beautiful places to see. People often call it the ‘cradle of civilization’.


Erbil’s citadel has been there for 7,000 years. It has a rich history. It is comparable to great cities like Cadiz and Byblos. In the middle of the city is a huge castle. That is a UNESCO world heritage site. And it is a great thing to see here.

The Erbil civilization museum and the Kurdish textile center are also in Erbil. They are great places to learn about the history and culture of this amazing part of the world.


Ur is in stories about big floods and scary Babylonian kings. And it also has some of the most beautiful ruins in the area.

Ur is in the southern deserts of Iraq. It is home to the Ziggurat. A tall building with high walls and steep stairs that was used to worship the Akkadian moon gods in the past.

This has to be one of the strangest and most mysterious things you can see in Iraq.


The city of Amadiya is on top of a rough, rocky mountain. The height above sea level is 1500 meters.
The only way to get in was to use a staircase cut into the rock.

These are places to see in Amadiya:

  • the tombs of the Kings,
  • the view from the top of the mosque,
  • the market street,
  • the fabulous Badinan Gate, and
  • Kani village.


The war has damaged many places. There are still copper bazaars, Assyrian treasures, and monuments like the Unknown Soldier.


Every year, millions of pilgrims go through this town on their way to Jerusalem.

Shiite Muslims believe that the area is holy. Because of the Imam Shrine, where the martyr Husayn ibn was laid to rest.

It is also said that the place of the archangel Gabriel is one of the most holy.


The tall columns and beautiful temples are in the deserts of western Iraq.

This place is one of the most fascinating archaeological sites.

This World heritage site hosts some of the wonders of the Parthian era. War has destroyed some of these places in the last few years.


The abandoned ruins of Dur-Kurigalzu date back 3,500 years. This area of Iraq was once the center of the Cradle of Civilization in southern Mesopotamia.

This was the home of the ancient Kassite kings, who built the Ziggurat in the 14th century. It is near the big Euphrates and Tigris rivers.

This is still visible here. Beautiful stonework and mud-brick walls rise into high towers above the desert. Camel caravans used this as a landmark on their way to Baghdad.

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The cover image was taken during Arbaeen Walking in Iraq. Photo by أخٌ‌في‌الله on Unsplash