What is the cost of living in Australia? 

Considering all the factors, the average cost of living in Australia is approximately 35,000 or 40,000 Australian dollars (AUD) per year. The cost of living in Australia is one of the most searched queries on the internet. The average cost to live in Australia is somewhat higher compared to other countries. Monthly expenses cost for a living depends on some other factors as well. Like rent, groceries, transportation, insurance, and utilities these things need to consider. 

What is the cost of living in Australia?

The Cost of living in Australia for immigrants depends on various factors. These factors may vary a lot with each person’s demand. The size of the family, the city, the size of relocation, lifestyle, food, and some other things as well.

Tuition Fees

Australia is famous worldwide for its higher education. Every year many international students come to Australia for their higher studies. Coming to the tuition fees that need to get paid by the students to study there. At some institutions, you need to submit your tuition fees upfront. Other than this some institutions may charge some extra in addition to the tuition fees. This is due to the extra-curricular activities which have been mandatory. Coming to the cost which you need to pay for getting a bachelor’s degree. A bachelor’s degree may cost you anywhere between 14,000 AUD to 35,000 AUD annually. And a post-graduate degree will cost somewhere between 20,000 AUD to $40,000 AUD. The cost may vary with the course you choose and with the other fees as well.

Living Costs

The cost of living in Australia will be different for students and workers. If you are a student you may not work or do a job while studying. The universities need to ensure that the students contribute more towards their studies. They can have a safe and enjoyable experience in Australia by focusing on the study and enjoying it. Although students can supplement their income by working part-time in the country. The government of Australia has set some of the migration rules regarding the money. The applicant or his family member must have at least funds to meet these cost requirements.

Basic Accommodation Costs

  • Hotels and guesthouses: AUD 90 to AUD 150 per week
  • Paying guest: AUD 85 to AUD 215 per week
  • On-campus hostels: AUD 90 to AUD 280 per week
  • House rentals: AUD 165 to AUD 440 per week

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Other Living Expenses

  • Food or Daily Essentials – AUD 80 to AUD 280 per week
  • Gas and electricity – AUD 35 to AUD 140 per week
  • Phone and Broadband Internet – AUD 20 to AUD 55 per week
  • Transportation – AUD 15 to AUD 55 per week

Cost of Living in Australia – Top 3 Expensive Cities in Australia  

Average Prices (AUD) in Sydney, Australia

Rent (2 BHK): 2299.20 Eating out per person: 15 – 30 Transportation: Monthly Pass 180, Gas 5.11 /gallon Monthly living: 3000

Average Prices (AUD) in Brisbane, Australia

Rent (2 BHK): 1457.37 Eating Out per person: 17 – 30 Transportation: Monthly Pass 150, Gallon of Gas 5.24 Fun: Movie Ticket 14, Cappuccino 4.62 Monthly Living: 1900

Average Prices (AUD) in Melbourne, Australia

Rent (2 BHK): 1527.21 Eating Out per person: 15 – 30 Transportation: Monthly Pass 147, Gallon of Gas 5.16 Fun: Movie Ticket 19, Cappuccino 4.23 

The cover image is somewhere in Burleigh Heads, Australia. Photo by Christopher Campbell on Unsplash