Where can Syrians go?

Syrian citizens’ visa requirements are administrative entry limits. They levied on them by the authorities of other States. Syrian people has visa-free entry to some countries. 

Where can Syrians go?

Syrians can go to these country without requesting a visa first.


There are four countries in Asia. These are as follow:

  • Malaysia

Why Malaysia?

Malaysia a very good country to live, as the country developed in recent times. Malaysia is a very well known and famous destination in the world for its coastal tourism. The food available here is also something best to have. The cost of living in Malaysia is much less than most of the European developed countries. The capital city of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur is the most expensive city to live in the country. But the cost of living here is much affordable as compared to North America as well. Malaysia is not a very expensive country but there are some cities where the cost of living is higher. Although the cost of living in Malaysia is low, the quality of life is very high. This is also the reason why most of the ex-pats decide to live here.

And if you want to know about the cost of living in Malaysia. Do check here for more details. If you want to know about the traveling cost, check here.

Are you a travel insider?

Check transportation In Malaysia. Transport infrastructure is one of the most important factors for a country’s progress. Transportation in Malaysia started to develop during British colonial rule, and the country’s transport network is now diverse and developed. Know more about it, here.

The government of Malaysia introduced the e-Visa program for travelers to enter Malaysia. Travelers fill out an online application that enables them to apply for a visa to enter Malaysia. Visas via email reached to the applicants after filling the application form. Check here to know more about visa requirements for Malaysia.

Do you want to apply for asylum protection in Malaysia?

Malaysia is a hub for asylum, as several people migrate there every year. We have attached some sources of information for you that might be helpful for you. The chances of exploitation are high so, you must go to the right place for asylum-seeking. After, you decide you want to stay in that particular country. 

  • Macau
  • Maldives
  • Timor-Leste

Middle East:

Three countries in the middle east.

  • Iran
  • Yemen
  • Lebanon


Here are twelve countries in Africa that don’t require a visa for Syrians.

  1. Cape Verde
  2. Cameroon
  3. Guinea-Bissau
  4. Madagascar
  5. Mauritania
  6. Mozambique
  7. Rwanda
  8. Seychelles
  9. Sudan
  10. Somalia
  11. Togo
  12. Uganda

Are you planning to go on a trip to Uganda?

If yes, then you must want to know about the Uganda visa. However, now a visa application process no longer requires a trip to the nearest Ugandan embassy. This is because back in 2016 Ugandan government release an electronic visa. After the release of an e-visa process, things become easier for everyone. Now, the entire process is online. You can even fill the application form.

Why Uganda?

Uganda is, for the most part, a safe and enthralling place. It’s a land where hippos humph through the wetlands and lions laze in the acacias. It’s a land of rain-stained forests and misty hills that house chimpanzees. It’s got the lapping waters of Lake Victoria, and the winding channels of the Victoria Nile to boot. Explore the best places to visit here!

Moving around Uganda is easy, fast, and convenient. Ugandan public and private means of transport can reach out to all parts of the country. The country is landlocked. But still, transportation is quite good.

Know about the banking system of Uganda.

Uganda has an organized national health system and health delivery in place within the strategic framework and focus. (HSSIP 11,July 2010) The national health system is comprised of both private and public sectors.


Here are six states for the same reason. These are as follow:

  1. Cook Islands
  2. Micronesia
  3. New
  4. Paolo Islands
  5. Samoa
  6. Tuvalu


Two states in the Caribbean

  1.  Dominica
  2. Haiti


Two states In America

  1. Bolivia
  2. Ecuador
Japan and Singapore are listed first according to the index, where people of these two countries can travel worldwide without visa in 189 countries.

What countries take refugees from Syria?

Turkey: 1.9 million

Almost half of the Syrian refugees now live in this country. It has more than what it can cope with.
It is the No. 1 refugee family destination.

Geography explains all this:

The borders got shared between Turkey and Syria. The masses are so big that 14 percent get sheltered in camps, from the United States state.
According to the UN, children and teenagers are an incredible number of them; more than half are under the age of 17.

Want to get a visa for Turkey?

The visa application process is not complicated, you can apply Visa for Turkey with ease. All sorts of applications can be made through the Sticker Visa PreApplication System. The applicants upload the data needed for visa applications to the Sticker Visa PreApplication System.

Foreigners can not get a work permit on their behalf. For work in Turkey, you need to have a job offer first. For more details, check here.

Turkey it is said that the country is famous for its beautiful textile. But it is not limited only just up to beautiful architecture it has very good health care facilities too. So, check some well-known hospitals in turkey. 

Worried about education?

No more worries! Check here the top universities and the schooling and education system.


Lebanon: 1.1 million

The flow of Syrian refugees is so strong in Lebanon that the population of the countries. 4.4 million is rising by 1.1 million Syrian refugees.
According to the United Nations, the country has the highest number of refugees per person. The border with Syria is also shared.

Jordan: 629,000

Jordan is the home to many refugees from Syria, Iraq, Somalia, and Sudan. But Syrians are refugees from Jordan, says the UN. Jordan has been a refugee background. About half of its 7 million inhabitants come from Palestine.
But, the Syrian arrivals have strained resources and may “could have an adverse effect.
Approximately 20% of arrivals from Syria live in camps.

Iraq: 249,000

Like Syria, Iraq got ripped off by ISIS, an extremist group of Islamists. Those who have occupied parts of both countries for what it terms its Islamic caliphate.
It is not surprising that in northern regions, such as Irbil, Duhuk, and Nineveh. Most Syrians have settled at the border. It is the closest and with significant Kurdish populations, says the United Nations.
Some may be humorous, if not ludicrous, because Iraq has deteriorated. As a result of the sectarian struggles and ISIS attacks, which led to the formation of a significant populace.

As the civil war in Syria has progressed. Many Iraqi refugees have reversed the course of forced migration. Tens of thousands of Iraqis who sought asylum in Syria returned home between 2003 and 2011. The U.S. State Department says about 38 percent of Syrian refugees live in Iraqi camps.

Why Iraq?

Iraq is enriched with heritage, world-famous poets, painters, and the best sculptors in the Arab. So in case, you are planning to move to Iraq first you should check how to apply for an Iraqi visa. This is the first step after that you should find a job in Iraq. The competition in Iraq is less as the population is very moderate. It has an estimated population of 40.22 million and ranks 36th in the world. So, there are fair chances you will get a job in Iraq. 


Egypt: 132,000 

This look from Egypt rounds out how most Syrian refugees are in the Mideast.
There are no refugees in the camps.
In reality, one of the richest men in the country. Egyptian billionaire Naguib Sawiris offered to buy an island for refugees. He requires a Greek or Italian island to buy. 

What countries receive asylum applications from Syria?

Germany: 98,700

Germany faces the highest percentage of Syrian applicants for asylum in Europe. Chancellor Angela Merkel called for the establishment of quotas for every country. That includes Syria to take part in the displaced.
Germany expects the demand for asylum to increase above the current United States. Count of 98,700 Syrians by themselves.

In Germany, 800,000 applications get received this year. 500,000 refugees received for many years, said Vice-Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel.

Why in Germany?

Germany is a beautiful country located in the heart of Europe. Germany is famous for its football and 25 thousand castles. All these things make the country more stunning and beautiful. 

In case you are planning to visit Germany factors to keep in mind are how to apply for a asylum to Germany? universites, the best time to visit Germany,  andjobs in germany. Although no time is bad to visit the most beautiful country. 


Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Lofven joined Merkel this week at a media conference. It is advocating a Europe-wide solution to host refugees. Sweden is joining with a high level of obligation in the shadow of refugee crises in Germany.
In the 1990s, 84,000 citizens from the Balkans got recognized by Sweden.

France: 6700

There was a low number of asylum applicants. Now the French President said that France was ready to assume more responsibility. And to accept 24,000 refugees in the next two years, it will expand.
In line with the initiative of the European Commission to take 120,000 refugees in the next two years.
UK: 7,000

Now that the UK has announced that it will accept up to 20,000 Syrian refugees. It is likely to see a rise in asylum requests. But Britain, Prime Minister said that they would concentrate on reinstating vulnerable refugees. From camps in neighboring Syria, not those who have already joined the European Union.

This offers a more straightforward and secure path for refugees to the United Kingdom. It is then the possibility of a risky journey to Europe, “he says.
The United Kingdom is the second-biggest provider of humanitarian help to Syrian refugees. According to estimates from the United Nations, but will get a five-year humanitarian security visa.

Denmark: 11,300

Denmark received many applications for asylum from Syria. But tried to prevent further migrants from coming.
To limit immigration from Central Europe to the country. The Danish authorities attempted to.

In four Lebanese newspapers, the government had before paid for advertising in Arabic. To spread the word about the country’s latest, tightened restrictions like cutting social benefits. And to stop refugees from entering the country.
Inger Stojberg, a member of the right-wing Venstre party, said on Facebook, “We can’t settle on this flow.” On Facebook. “There is good reason to tighten the rules and convey this100 because of the massive influx into Europe these days.”

18,800 in Hungary

Many Syrian refugees are hesitant in Hungary to register a request for asylum.
After crossing the Balkans north, the people on the border with Serbia got greeted by a police officer. They were often forced to wait for days at the host areas and transit camps, which were bad conditions.

In countries such as Germany, Sweden, Austria, and others. Many migrants would prefer to get registered as refugees. To continue their trip to North and Western Europe.
A barbed-wire fence gets erected by Hungary’s right-wing government. To avoid the influx of migrants along its more than 160-kilometer border with Serbia.
Serbia is not a member of the European Union. It has accepted 49,500 asylum applications from Syrian refugees.

Some nations in Europe

A wide variety of asylum applications are made for Syrian refugees. It is from other parts of Europe, including — from April 2011 to July this year. 5,500 from Spain, 14,100 from Holland, 18,600 from Österreich, 8,300 from Switzerland. And 15,000 from Bulgaria, according to the UN.
The United Nations reported, in Italy, where many migrants made their first-country dangerous. Mediterranean crossing from North Africa, asylum requests received by 2 143 from July.
According to the IOM, Greece, located on a famous transit from Turkey’s north. to the Balkans, has seen more than 250,000 people arrive along the banks. As of July, the United Nations received 3,545 asylum requests.

What’s North America doing?

United States: 1,500 relocations. At the beginning of the conflict in 2011, about 1,500 Syrian refugees. They got admitted to the United States, most of them this year.
This is the brief: this year, which ends on Sep. 30. According to the State Department, 23 in 2011, 41 in 2012, 45 in 2013, 249 in 2014, and 1199.

At the end of this fiscal year, 300 more refugees must get admitted. According to the U.S., by 1 October, a significant total of approximately 1800 Syrian refugees. It is from the four-year civil war that got admitted to the United States.
President Barack Obama directed his government to “scale up” the number of Syrian refugees.

A senior officer of the administration said that he moves at least 10 000—refugees out of a quota of 75,000 U.S. refugees for the next fiscal year.
This quota applies to refugees from all over the world. There is a crisis, Obama will increase the quota. Secretary of State John Kerry told legislators that this development is already occurring.

10,000 resettlements in Canada

Since January 2014, more than 2370 Syrian refugees have relocated to Canada. The government pledged that 10,000 Syrian refugees get accepted for three years. According to Toronto Sun, in January.
1.074 Syrian refugees have arrived in Canada.

Other rich countries, what about?

Australia: 12,000 relocations

Prime Minister Tony Abbott said his country would take twelve thousand refugees.
As a result, which is set at 13,750 per year, Australia’s intake is now almost doubled.

Priority would be placed in camps in Jordan, Lebanon, and Turkey. It is for persecuted women, children, and the family — Abbott said.
As part of its $230 million aid initiative, Canberra will also spend $44 million on food, clothes, and emergency supplies.
Amnesty International has also pointed out that there have been zero relocations.

This above cover image was taken in April 2018 in the region of Hama in Syria, in a place named Khfarbou. Photo by Claudia Fahlbusch on Unsplash