Where’s Disneyland? all the Disneylands around the world

Disneyland tour is always a dream tour for frequent travelers. The experience of visiting the 6
different Disneyland worldwide and finding where’s Disneyland located is another fantastic plan.
Here we will talk about the 2 major Disneylands that are located in California and Florida. Apart
from this, we will also share some information about the Disneylands located in Shangai, Hong
Kong, Paris, and Tokyo. You will find this helpful blog as well as enjoying before planning your
next vacation. For further helpful information, you can also visit the official website of Disneyland. 

Where’s Disneyland? 

1. Disneyland Resort = California

The first most popular Disneyland is located in California. It is the most popular and unique
theme park located in the city. Either plan your vacation to visit here in March or in October.
There is a lot to see, including Mickey’s Toontown, Eye-Catching Fantasyland, and the most
amazing Adventure Park. You can book cheap tickets to Disneyland by confirming your bookings
4-5 months before your visit. You can enjoy the thrilling rides at the theme park and have some
good snacks from local vendors or restaurants.

2. Walt Disney World Resort at Florida

The two famous spots to be visited at Disney world resort are animal and magic kingdom. The
resort has been entirely operational since 1971 and severing various sites to tourists like
camping, golf courses, theme and non-Disney hotels, and many more. You can also enjoy the
fantastic water park rides at Lagoon Water Park and have a wonderful picnic holiday. Disney
Hollywood studio is a must-visit on your trip. You watch the amazing Disney live shows while
enjoying fine dining on the premises. It is the most preferred resort after Disneyland resort.

3. Disney Land Resort at Hong Kong

The smallest yet unique resort to enjoy the wonderful experience for Disney lovers. If you love to
explore mysterious and adventurous places, then Jungle River Cruise can be an option to sail.
You can explore the traditional African market at the place. Apart from this, the most famous
attraction of the place is “Tarzan’s Treehouse.” You can meet the gang of Pooh and click some
memorable pictures that can be a fantastic collection in your album for a lifetime. You can meet
the princess of the royal garden and watch the royalty of the kingdom.

4. Disneyland Magical Resort at Shanghai

If you are planning to visit shanghai then here is some amazing option to stay at the magical
Disneyland Resort. It will be a thrilling experience for the family while exploring the Seven Dwarf
Mine Train or joining the Sunken Treasure to know some fantastic stories of Battles. You can
also join some thrilling rides at the adventurous Disney parks in Shanghai. Fine-dining
restaurants are available to serve traditional or some fantastic quality food on the table.

5. Disney Sea and Resort at Tokyo

You can get a one-step-ahead experience at Disney sea and resort. It has 7 harbors with one
educational and magical theme park. You can explore the rivers of America by canoe and have
fun at paddle canoe rides. One can also explore the water animals at Disney Sea while having a
chit-chat with your loved one or friends. The trip to the city can be ended up after exploring the
amazing Disney lightning show. Thousands of tourists are visiting the city to embrace the beauty
of lightning shows every year.

6. Disneyland Resorts at Paris

Paris is a dreamland for tourists. Here you can feel the love in the air, and to its addition, you can
also get some fantastic experience at Disneyland Resorts. Dining and adventurous rides
experience with visits at many popular locations is an add-on for the journey. The resort looks
like a palace with a fountain with a separation of beautiful artificial ponds. You can book the
tickets for Euro Disney Resort at least 2 months before your visit. It will be a cheesy and romantic
experience and counted in one of the amazing trips to Disney World.
Get the Amazing Experience of Disney World In this way, you can get a chance to explore the most famous Disneylands around the world and
get to know about the question “where’s Disneyland.” Either one can include a single trip while
exploring all the Disneylands or plan it at different times.
A single visit to any Disneyland can bring a charm to the world, so imagine how precious it is to explore all 6. Hiring travel agents or
tour guides to arrange a perfect itinerary is the best option that we often suggest to travelers. A
one-time traveler cannot make a smooth itinerary to a new place by covering more sites in less

More about Disneylands around the world

The two original Disneyland resorts are in the US, Disneyland in Anaheim, California and Walt Disney World in Florida. Then four other Disneylands are in Paris, Tokyo, Shangai and Hong Kong.

They all give more variety of food and travel choices. They also make many tourists feel at home each year.Disneyland keeps visitors happy at six locations. Disneyland is the world’s happiest place. Each thematic park is also tweaked to suit local cultures and tastes.

Tokyo Disneyland

Tokyo Disneyland
Tokyo Disneyland

Tokyo Disneyland opened in 1983. It became the third Disney themes park in the world, after the two parks in the US. It was built larger than the original Disneyland California.

It has a Cinderella Castle like Walt Disney World in Florida.

Disneyland Tokyo offers karaoke where reserved persons can release their tough side.

It has globally inspired live shows, including Minnie Oh’s Latin American vibes. Minnie, or the Jubilation street show, is even followed by the grown-up guests in Disneyland Tokyo. That would be a rare sight in the US.

In Tokyo Disneyland, the food offered is different from the US. With the Japanese cuisine in the Chinese as well as American flavors. You can buy a bouncy bun. It is a typical Chinese delight with soft, sweet, or savory fillings. The round bun is the shape of Mickey Mouse’s head. And the famous mouse ears are full of teriyaki chicken.  

A Japanese traditional dish consists of rice and savory toppings of your choice. It can be with US flavors such as taco meat, Creole chicken, and shrimp or prawn. It could be then loaded with chocolates and eggs. 

If you still have a pecky feel, try some popcorn with local tastes, like popcorn soy sauce. It is next to the ImageWorks picture lab or next to the Adventureland Café Orléans. You can also try Japanese curry from its stand.  
You have to head towards the near Tokyo Disney Shore. A separate park with water-slide for milk tea-flavored popcorn. The famous sweet fusion of tea with milkshakes. That comes from South East Asia and is also called “bubble tea”. 

Hongkong Disneyland

Hongkong Disneyland
Hongkong Disneyland

Hong Kong Disneyland opened in 2005 and it was designed to draw visitors from China and Hong Kong.

  • Small Disneyland combines with feng shui and traditional Chinese elements.
  • To generate positive energy, Feng Shui combines the elements.
  • The elements of wood, fire, earth, metal, and water.
  • That can also be seen in the theme park.
  • Rocks provide protection and good luck from flowing away.
  • There are also the two giant rocks at the entrance to the park.
  • These are positioned to discourage the energy from flowing from the resort.

Water promotes wealth and fortune. As the park lined with reservoirs, lakes, and streams. And not to mention the huge Disney fountain at the main entrance to the park.

The main entrance to the Theme Park has also put for good fortune in a north-south direction. It was supposed to avoid the influx of productive energy into the surrounding South China Sea.

China’s society is full of numerical superstitions with 888 known as a large number of properties. This is why on 8 August 2008 – the eighth day of the eighth month, eighth year. The Beijing Olympics took place. The Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel’s central ballroom is also exactly 888sqm.

Hong Kong Disneyland is the most affected park by Disneyland’s definition. And this is the only castle park that is better.
There seems to be a Disney Parks subculture here. Which is very wrong with that park. , they show in the park a “charm” That is otherwise indefinable.
It’s on the bottom of the list of castle parks by count, at less than 20 rides. They have already spoken about why you can not go by car. But how difficult it is to line Hong Kong Disneyland up to the other castle parks. Without getting them to put at or near the stage.
Unlike Disney, they have plans to expand Walt Disney Studios Park in Hong Kong recently. They do have plans to develop Disneyland. , adding new land to this park and changing the castle will help this park.
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Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris

  • Disneyland Paris opened in 1992 with great excitement. 
  • Tourists would be welcomed an arcade featuring a small replica of the Statue of Liberty.
  • An 1886 gift from France to America, making it a perfect start to this park as the only representation in Europe.
  • You will see other improvements as you begin your journey into Disneyland Paris. Gone is the island of Tom Sawyer.
  • It is an important part of America’s theme parks.
  • Since it is little known in Europe.
  • Discoveryland is, rather, a place devoted to European visionaries.
In Disneyland Paris, the French myth of a smoking drinker is maintained. Some guests are concerned about the lack of dedicated smoking facilities.
But most smokers seem to have been puffing away in all open areas. It is also the only district in the world where you can have an alcoholic drink with your meal. It would be the world’s unhappiest French dinner without a glass of wine.

Shanghai Disneyland

Shanghai Disneyland

  • Disney said at the official ceremony for sixth Disneyland. That open at the end of 2013.
  • Shanghai-based Park has friendly features and other facilities that suit Disney’s destinations worldwide.
  • This ceremony took place afterward and featured traditional Chinese drum music.
  •  Mickey Mouse in a traditional red Chinese Tang suit.
  • A collapsible, matched silk jacket with pants, glowing gold accents on the jacket, taping, and panting cuffs.
  • When Disneyland Paris opened, French philosophers protested the fact.
  • That no more regional culture would integrate here. 
  • Only 10 years after its first day of service, Parisian director Ariane Mnouchkine. In 2002, named “economic Chernobyl” in a theme park in Paris.
  • That still has valid if it’s not a fan of American culture.

Such critics prompted Disney to take extra care in their parks. That is in Hong Kong and Tokyo with the inclusion of cultural elements. If Shanghai Disneyland can go through the opening ceremony in great Chinese style.

But the ambition of Shanghai and its necessity to be different making it difficult. Mickey Ave is a tacky replacement for Main Street. The biggest castle Disney has ever created, with its nonsensical aspect. That is adjusting a park of nonsensical open spaces

It is at the bottom of the ride count for castle parks. And is only 17 rides away from Hong Kong Disneyland. It is a bit surprising as  Disneyland is the castle park otherwise most different from Hong Kong Disneyland. And it has different sizes and gigantic size over the top. In the end, it’s like an A+, but a C to others.

The behavior of Chinese visitors in Shanghai Disneyland is quite a bit of nonsense on the internet. Frankly, in all Disney Parks, we found the behavior, perhaps the second most successful, in Shanghai Disneyland.

It can be personalized Disneyland to make the world’s most famous nation the happiest location in the world.
It’s ambitious for Shanghai Disneyland. The park is home to TRON Lightcycle Power Run, the Sunken Treasure Battle, and the Challenge Trails. The best Disney attraction in the world. It jumped for the fence with a hyper modernized Adventureland and a whole new land,
Disneyland parts of Shanghai are awesome. The specifics are fantastic in many ways. Even though this list is lower than other castle parks. We are most likely to suggest a visit to this international castle park.

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Know More

Customer Service

Customer service is usually excellent at Disney Parks. Even Disneyland and Walt Disney World veterans can not agree on the place with better cast members. But most agree, on average, that they are great.
In the Disney Parks, there is variation, and in the rankings, you will notice it.
Operations Quality

There’s a lot of good riding in a park, but never working conditions. That is not great. There are also a lot of good restaurants. But all have lines. That is not good, once again.
They don’t give away many points of “sh*t”. Because, frankly, in some parks, things go wrong. As they’re only not as running well.

This is what we can talk about operations working over there.

Dining Quality

They are the last people from whom you want to receive dining ideas. That’s why here they’re not talking a lot about food. Also, the dining options across the parks are difficult to compare. The greatest is the mixture of western and international in the international parks. As vegetarians, you can try a limited variety.  And either way, you wouldn’t have much idea if the international dish you had is “good” once or twice.

Moreover, Walt Disney World is “the holiday kingdom”. And also it has better restaurants than other resorts. Because visitors look for a good, slow, and sit-down meal. And parks that thrive on one-day tourists do not do so well for those seeking lodging, for which hotels are intended.


The rankings are not influenced by crowds and guests. Others like the noise of people, others like an empty park. Though media in Shanghai Disney Resort have gone crazy about the “evil” guest behavior. They think that behavior is much worse at most other parks.
They should reconsider the importance of crowd sizes. The crowds in the American parks are problematic with many disputes among fans. 
Note that parking operators are a conscious choice. People are far too fast to let Disney off the hook if the parks become overpopulated. Sure, on vacations the parks are their most busy. That does not mean, that Disney is right to make them busy. 

Shows at Disneyland

They are not great at shows and parades like dining. In their rankings, you will find a very limited discussion of them. When you think about it, you might identify the shows and events.

More About Rides, Lands, and Parks

If a good theme park is a series of stories. It is also important to consider the interplay of stories in the coaster. The story inland and the story in a park.
The theme parks and lands can be more like storybooks. Or collections of similar tales than single stories. These stories linked by a subject. Yet a collection of similar themes is not the best storybook. The best book of stories has a cohesive lesson. even a “line” or a journey that the reader takes. The best theme parks collect stories and combine these chapters into an idea (theme). The best theme parks.
Let’s choose Guards of the Galaxy — Mission.  Breakout as a quick example!  Disney Adventure California. You will get to know a theme in some details. But for now, let’s stick to what’s clear. Disney California Adventure’s “Theme” is “California.” Located at Land of Hollywood, a Hollywood land.
You are in an abandoned hotel at the Tower of Terror. The dust has grown, and the scene appears close to that of the 1930s. The Hollywood Studios version of this building is superb. With its immersive architecture! But, it falls short of The goal, by way of narrative: breakup!\

Hollywood Studios

The addition of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge and Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway has helped Hollywood Studios greatly, moving it up from the tenth spot it used to occupy all the way up to spot 7. It still can’t compete with the elite castle parks, but the park’s development has been well received.

With only nine rides, Hollywood Studios relies on two thing. First, the rides it has are among the best in the world. Rise of the Resistance and Tower of Terror are two of the greatest rides ever. Aside from one awful ride—Alien Swirling Saucers—there’s no weakness in the park.

While much of the park is designed around Hollywood as a city and the studios as an experience, the heart of the park is transitioning to be more simply about putting the guests in the films. Is this a weak theme? Maybe—after all, all theme parks are about putting guests in a story.

Magic Kingdom

Magic Kingdom really feels like what it is—Disneyland 2.0. The castle is bigger. The park layout is much better-planned. Main Street, U.S.A. is a little fancier and little less small town.

On its face, Magic Kingdom is the castle park that stays most faithful to the original theme. Indeed, Magic Kingdom in its current state is more faithful to the original theme of Disneyland than is Disneyland itself. Disneyland has the originality points, but Magic Kingdom gets the execution points on this count.

In truth, it’s a balance that’s more necessary in Florida’s climate than in California’s. But escaping the crowds, at least, is something that’s necessary in ever park.

By attraction count, Disneyland has Magic Kingdom beat. Maybe even by average attraction quality Disneyland has Magic Kingdom beat. But if I’m comparing the two and looking at piecing together the perfect day, I think Magic Kingdom has a much more enjoyable experience.

The differences here are small. I’m positive many people will shake their heads at the division I draw that put Magic Kingdom ahead of Disneyland. But when all is said and done, I think these parks are incredibly close in quality, but Magic Kingdom is a hair superior.

Tokyo DisneySea

We’re in disagreement on the top two spots because they’re just that close. For the sake of this list, we’re going with the actual author’s (Ken’s) opinion, which is that Tokyo DisneySea falls in the number two slot.

Tokyo DisneySea is beautiful. It is large. It is wildly entertaining. It has excellent snacks. And Tokyo DisneySea has the best attraction lineup of any Disney park, with replicated standouts like Tower of Terror (more interpretation than replication), Toy Story Mania!, and Indiana Jones Adventure.

Take out the heavy hitting attractions, and Tokyo DisneySea, still excels. At around 20 rides, this park has depth not found in any other non-castle park. It’s almost shocking to an American (or European) that a resort could have two such deep, strong attraction lineups right next to each other.

If you stripped the parks down to their core mechanics—to attractions, entertainment, dining, and the “balanced day” I discussed above—I’d put Magic Kingdom ahead of Tokyo DisneySea. If we were talking just beauty and the aesthetics of the place, Tokyo DisneySea would see stiff competition from Animal Kingdom and Epcot. But none of those parks combines these two parts like Tokyo DisneySea.

And then there’s theme. The “Sea” in DisneySea is played out in the park with the traditional “lands” being replaced with ports. These ports reflect the complex relationship between humans and the sea. Whether it’s the picturesque Arabian coast, the volcanic island of intrigue and adventure, or the bustling ports of the United States, Tokyo DisneySea reminds us of the role that the sea plays in shaping our minds and culture.